Amazing release of Petso turned into new arrest

Amazing release of Petso turned into new arrest
The deportation of Petso from Russia

Misadventures chase the thief in law.

After the early release of the thief in law from a colony, Rezo Bukhnikashvili, known as Petso, can not feel the taste of freedom in any way.

Petso, released by the decision of the Supreme Court of Tatarstan in connection with the discovery of the fourth stage of the oncological disease, was again arrested, this time by the court of Ukraine.

Recall that in Russia, the kingpin was declared persona non grata and deported. Already on August 2, literally on the second day after being released from the colony, Petso was detained at the Ukrainian airport of Borispol, where he flew through Minsk. As it turned out, Rezo Buhnikashvili had an invalid Ukrainian passport with him. The thief in law did not even suspect that his document was annulled by the Ukrainian authorities, so he went there without any fear.

The National Police immediately reported on the detention of one of the leaders of the underworld. On the eve the Borispol court of the Kiev region arrested 65-year-old Rezo Buhnikashvili. Currently, Petso is placed in the Chernigov deportation center. In the near future, a kingpin can be sent to Georgia, if, of course, in his homeland he is recognized as a citizen. It is not excluded that after the deportation to Georgia, Rezo Bukhnikashvili may be charged under the article Membership in the Thieves' Community (part 1 of Article 223 of the Criminal Code). Then easily gained freedom in Russia, Petso could again be placed into jail.

As the CrimeRussia previously wrote, Rezo Bukhnikashvili, who is also Petso, served 3.5 years of his 22 years. The thief in law was convicted in 2015 for robbing an apartment of a businessman and encroaching on the lives of two policemen. The Tatarstan Prosecutor's Office sharply opposed the release of the kingpin. According to the representative of the supervisory authority, the deadly disease did not prevent the kingpin from violating the regime. The prosecutor argued that over the past three years the thief in law had been subjected to disciplinary punishments in places of detention more than 300 times. However, the head of the Kazan IK-2, where Petso was transferred a year ago, said that the authority did not cause any problems, since most of the time he was in the medical isolator.

"It is desirable to keep such things away from Russia, - Yuri Arbuzov, the head of the prison, commented on BUSINESS Online. - By itself, Living of such a person in a country causes certain ... He did not do anything good. The bad? One can count them on the fingers of one hand. It is desirable that such people leave the units."



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