Alpha dog Vagif Kamyshlovsky's successor to take on settling interethnic conflict in Nizhniye Sergi

Alpha dog Vagif Kamyshlovsky's successor to take on settling interethnic conflict in Nizhniye Sergi
Interethnic conflict in Nizhniye Sergi

A representative of the Azerbaijani diaspora died during a fight.

A conflict in Nizhniye Sergi, Sverdlovsk region, can be used as an attempt to take the place of mafia enforcer for the region after the death of crime lord Vagif Kamyshlovsky (Vagif Gulkhamed Ogly Sultanov).

AiF-Ural reports citing a source that someone from the representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora, close to the criminal circles, may start resolving issues out of authorities' control.

To recap, 67-year-old Vagif Kamyshlovsky, who was called the protégé of thief in law Guli (Nadir Salifov), died earlier this month. Some media reported that the death of Kamyshlovsky might be followed by the redistribution of spheres of influence in the criminal world in the region. Andrey Vorotnikov (Vorotnik), Agayar Agaev, Gia Sverdlovsky (Gia Akoev), as well as the so-called outsiders from the Tyumen region, claim the place of the new alpha dog.

On the evening of June 22, a 40-year-old local man quarreled with three Azerbaijanis near a nightclub in Nizhniye Sergi. A fight ensued, during which a 120-kilogram Azerbaijani died.

According to AiF-Ural, the public leader of Azerbaijanis in the Middle Urals, Shakhin Shikhlinsky, who has ties with the authorities and security forces, adopted the position that there was no national issue in the fight between men. A day after the incident, law enforcement officers made a statement that the dead Azerbaijani suffered from heart disease and his death was not associated with injuries. According to the portal E1, the diaspora was nevertheless going to lynch the local, but the police hid him. Thus, formally the issue has been settled, informally - has not, the source believes. According to him, the situation is tense, and someone must defuse it. There is already a real candidate for place of Vagif Kamyshlovsky, and if he is able to clinch this matter, he will become the new mafia enforcer in this part of the Urals.



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