All murderers of Petrukha’s son arrested

All murderers of Petrukha’s son arrested
Thief within the law Petrukha, top right

However, the investigation has not yet identified the murderers of Aleksandr Bakhtin Senior.

The CrimeRussia found that the fourth person involved in the murder of thief Aleksandr Bakhtin’s son was arrested in Krasnoyarsk one of these days by the Special Police Force. Bakhtin Jr. was shot in Krasnoyarsk in November 2012 in the parking lot of a supermarket on the Prospect Imeni Gazety Krasnoyarsky rabochy (prospect of Krasnoyarsky rabochy newspaper). According to the Investigative Committee’s press-service, when the men shot Bakhtin dead, they put his body in the trunk of Toyota Caldina and removed from the scene.

Later it was established that Bakhtin Jr.’s murder was committed by 4 people, 3 of whom were detained in hot pursuit. They have already been convicted and are serving sentences ranging from 6 to 13 years while the fourth one slipped away from justice. The fugitive was caught only a few days ago. Without reporting the detainee’s name, the Sverdlovsk District Court of Krasnoyarsk convicted him to a two months’ imprisonment.

Interestingly, one of the murderers of the thief’s son turned out to be an active member of a criminal gang controlled by a large Siberian crime lord Vilor Struganov known as Pasha Tsvetomuzyka (Color music). After the testimonies given by Aleksandr Zhivitsa, Pasha Tsvetomuzyka was arrested and later convicted to a severe prison sentence. Zhivitsa said that on the boss’s order he had killed several criminal figures of the 1990s: Yuri Tolmachev, Anatoly Artyushkov and Vladimir Filippov. The latter two had tried to become the underbosses of the region.

The murdered Aleksandr Bakhtin’s father, the thief in law Aleksandr Bakhtin or Petrukha was also shot down. It happened in November 1996. The investigation could not establish, who masterminded the crime or who did the job. We know that he was crowned as a thief at the age of 30 in 1993 in St. Petersburg by the late Robinzon and Dato Potiysky.



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