Alfasona decides to take over gangland businessman's hotel in Thailand, but miscalculates

Alfasona decides to take over gangland businessman's hotel in Thailand, but miscalculates

Instead of the hotel, he will receive an absentee sentence.

The details of the criminal case against thief in law Gochi Alpaidze (Antipov), known as Alfasona, about extortion of a Thai hotel, became known.

In relation to him, cases were initiated in Moscow under articles 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Occupation of a higher position in the criminal hierarchy), as well as Art. 163 part 3 (Extortion). Antipov is accused of blackmailing his accomplice, who, in turn, was detained on suspicion of murder.

According to investigators, Alfasona extorted the ownership of one of the hotels on the tourist island of Koh Samui in Thailand from businessman Valery Chabanov. Men have long been familiar.

In 2001, the Rostov businessman founded the construction concern VANT (the name came from the names of the members of the Chabanov family). The company was opened in his homeland. At the same time, the son of Chabanov Andrey was also a kind of founder, only he organized a criminal group, it also became a part of the gang of killers, the leader of which was the famous Dmitry Lesnikov, known as Les. This OCG paid Alfasona for criminal patronage. Antipov also brought Lesnikov with the "patriarch" of the underworld Ded Hasan. He became the main "customer" of the gang of killers.

The ICR believes that the father and son of the Chabanovs were involved in a number of killings. So, it concerns elimination of the sworn enemy of Ded Hasan – Alik Minalyan, known as Alik Sochinsky. He was shot in Moscow in 2009. But the number of “orders” from the capital was still inferior to regional contract killings. The owner of the VANT concern had his own interests in various areas of business in the Rostov and the Krasnodar region. Here, mass killings took place.

For example, the killers "removed" a businessman with whom the company Freestyle, registered in Sochi (owner – Chabanov Jr.) could not share the land. When the ICR collected the evidence base for the crimes of Chabanov Sr., he was immediately detained in 2017 in Pattaya. 

Then the court sentenced him to 4 years in prison in the case of defrauded equity holders. Soon he was presented with a new, much more serious charge – the murders and the organization of the criminal community.

And now, in addition to everything, in the pre-trial detention center, he became a victim of Alfasona's extortion. When, in mid-2018, he was taken to the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center and placed in a common cell of 20 people who got in for the second time, Alfason was immediately informed of this information. Antipov quickly recalled that the businessman has several hotels in Thailand, and his name was also mentioned in connection with the murder of Alik Sochinsky. 

Chabanov said that he personally rested with Alfasona in one of his hotels when, he was doing well. Gocha quickly created the plan in his head, while the hotel owner feels himself in a cell with 20 criminals not entirely confidently. 

A mobile phone was sent along the “road” (forbidden ropes between cameras for communications and transmissions) for Chabanov from an alpha dog behind the prison walls at the direction of Gocha Antipov. Thus, Alfasona got in touch with Chabanov and demanded to transfer the hotel to him, threatening that he would not support him “on the bench” and, taking advantage of the businessman’s not-so-comfortable position, he himself would raise the “general” question about the murder of Alik Sochinsky’s authority. This threatened Chabanov with beating to death. The businessman asked for several days to think, while his cellmates did not lose time and intimidated the businessman as they could, which forced him to secretly send a distress signal to the prison guards.

The investigator summoned Chabanov for questioning, where a businessman told the essence of the matter and wrote a statement on Antipov. Valery Chabanov was urgently relocated to the "special unit," as there was information that they were going to "remove" him. At the moment, he is in a cell with two more prisoners who do not pose a danger to him.

But the whereabouts of Gocha, who is moving at a frantic speed across the EU countries, is unknown.

At the end of 2017, an attempt was made on Alfasona in Turkey – he miraculously survived. Many believe that Nodari Rustavsky is associated with the incident. They did not agree on the point of view when dividing the spheres of influence in the Rostov region.

Nevertheless, the press service of the Main Investigative Department of the ICR in Moscow told the press that the accused was put on the wanted list, investigators intend to obtain in absentia a measure of restraint in the form of detention.



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