Akop Ryzhy arrested in Moscow

Akop Ryzhy arrested in Moscow
Akop Meliksetyan, also known as Akop Ryzhy

Instead of a penal colony, where he was supposed to be according to the Bashkortostan Supreme Court’s decision passed on December 15, Akop Meliksetyan spent all this time at a Moscow hospital.

The Criminal Investigation Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs joined efforts with the Federal Penitentiary Service officers to apprehend Akop Meliksetyan, the infamous mafia boss. According to Life, he had been put on the federal wanted list for avoidance of prison.

Akop Meliksetyan is an Armenian ex-footballer, once an influential crime lord and a big businessman, known in criminal circles as Akop Ryzhy (Akop the Redhead)

According to the information that appeared in July 2016, Akop Ryzhy, sentenced to 17 years in prison, was released from the Bashkir colony ‘for health reasons’. As you may recall, Meliksetyan had been convicted of kidnapping and extortion.

According to investigators, in 2009, the crime boss masterminded kidnapping of Yurik Abramyan, a businessman. MIA officers from top-class Zubr unit acted as kidnappers: platoon deputy commander Konstantin Dozorov, deputy commander of motorized division Aleksandr Malyshev, as well as Sergei Kotov, the former MIA Department for Combating Organized Crime and Terrorism officer, who later joined Zubr, and Private Andrei Demidenkov. According to investigators, the crime lord and the officers were working on the plan together. The investigation also concluded that the Zubr officers were an established criminal group that would kidnap people for ransom all the time.

The kidnappers demanded $6 million for Abramyan. However, they did not get their money after all, as in October 2009, at a special operation the hostage was released and Akop Ryzhy and the rogue policemen were apprehended.

On October 13, 2011, Vidnoye’s City Court sentenced Akop Meliksetyan to 17-year of imprisonment, with the other defendants receiving between 9 and 15 years in jail.



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