Akhtam Samarkandsky’s ’godfathers’ refuse from him. Guli gives no help to rooky, too.  

Akhtam Samarkandsky’s ’godfathers’ refuse from him. Guli gives no help to rooky, too.
Akhtam Samarkandsky

Representatives of the criminal world have recently gathered at the ‘convention’ in Turkey to condemn the unrightful ‘crowning’.

Newly-minted ‘thief in law’ Akhtam Yakubov (aka Akhtam Samarkandsky) lost his title 2 weeks later after he had received it. Those who had ‘crowned’ him terminated his powers.

The native of Uzbekistan was accepted to the family at the ‘convention’ that took place in Turkey early April arranged by ‘thieves’ David Chkhikvishvili (aka Dato Surgutsky) and Teymuraz Nemsitsveridze (aka Tsripa). However, soon after, their actions received negative estimates by other ‘thieves’ who considered their decision unrightful and suggested Yakubov had not deserved to be the ‘thief in law’. 

Дато Сургутский

Dato Surgutsky

It was found out the day before that another ‘convention’ is expected to take place in Turkey before long. Those who had ‘crowned’ Yakubov in early April are going to be held to account. Now, the actions of the ‘godfathers’ towards Yakubov can be considered admission of their wrongness, however they are going to be held to account anyway. Moreover, they told Akhtam Samarkandsky this all is going to be a temporary termination of his powers; and they are going to be given back to him during the new ‘convention’.

The ‘crowning’ was allegedly dedicated to release of Tariel Oniani (aka Taro): it took place the day after his 10 years’ term had been over, however the ‘criminal general’ has nothing to do with ‘crowning’ of Yakubov.

Many of the ‘thieves’ (including those representing Kutaissky clan) believe that neither Tsripa’s son-in-law Teymuraz Churadze (aka Aleko Shoshia) who had been ‘uncrowned’ before, nor Roman Jafarov (aka Romik Kurd), nor Roman Khmaladze (aka Roma Batumsky) who had been deprived of his status 3 times had no right to ‘crown’ anyone. As for Dato Surgutsky, Akhtam is not his first ‘godson’ who did not manage to keep the title. Surgutsky was reminded about his participation in a 2015 ‘convention’ arranged by Shakro Molodoy when it was decided to freeze new ‘crownings’.

Теймураз Чурадзе с женой

Teymuraz Churadze and his wife

As for Akhtam Samarkandsky, he was accused of contemptible conduct. Khusein Akhmadov (aka Khusein Slepoy) stated about that, having recalled that when Akhtam was serving his sentence in a prison in the OAE, he was beaten by Chechens for the fact that he had bee trying to force his opinions on everyone there. Merab Jangveladze (aka Merab Sukhumsky) confirmed this fact, too. In order to get to know the situation better, he turned to a criminal ‘authority’ Kazbek Dukuzov who had served his term in the same prison. At the present time, Dukuzov is on an international wanted list on suspicion of murder of an editor of Forbes Paul Khlebnikov.


Guram Chikhladze

In general, the ‘thieves’ destroyed their reputation by nominating Yakubov. Besides that, they had a spat with a representative of Sukumsky clan. Its prominent representatives - including Merab Bakhia (aka Bakha-Bakha), Irakly Kalichava (aka Khutu), Koba Akhvlediani (aka Koba Sukhumsky) and Akaky Tugushi (aka Entso Batumsky) who had not received the invatation - almost carried it to assault and battery towards Dato Surgutsky.

So, nobody backed the ‘godfathers’ when it came to negative. According to some reports, Akhtam had even contacted Guli for help, but the latter did not even meet him.



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