Akhmed Sutuly unleashes war against Tajik mafia

Akhmed Sutuly unleashes war against Tajik mafia
Akhmed Evloev (Akhmed Sutuly)

Several car service centers, the owners of which did not want to obey the new ‘underboss,’ have been burned in the Moscow region.

The Chechen thief in law Akhmed Evloev aka Akhmed Sutuly has unleashed a war against the Tajik crime lord Lutfullo Mukhamadiev (Anvar). According to  Rosbalt’s sources, Akhmed decided to take control of objects and financial flows in the Moscow region, controlled by Anvar. The latter ended up in a pre-trial detention center after being detained in June 2017; he has been charged with a number of serious crimes, including murder and banditry. Taking advantage of the situation, Sutuly united with the Tajik crime lord Zoir Vanchsky (Zoyka), whose henchmen are now trying to take control of Tajikistan businessmen. Several car service centers, the owners of which preferred to stay under Lutfullo’s protection, have been already burned in the Moscow region.

In his homeland, Anvar is a commander of a special forces unit; in Moscow, he formed a gang, to which a significant part of Central Asian migrants working in the Moscow markets pays tribute. He used to represent crime lord Khadzhi Abudzhaborr. 

Previously, Akhmed Evloev connected with the leaders of the Tajikistan mafia, namely the underboss Shukhrat and crime lord Mustafa. They had common financial interests and vacationed in the UAE together. Anvar also frequented their company. However, then Shukhrat was murdered by killers, and Mustafa was shot. That was when Lutfullo Mukhamadiev came to the forefront, but he was not able to get along with Akhmed.  

Also, Evloev was arrested in January 2017 for the illegal possession of drugs. His thief’s status was questioned in a pre-trial detention center, which caused certain problems with his patrons and enemies. A year later, Sutuly was suddenly released, as the investigation did not refer the materials of his criminal case for approval to the prosecutor's office on time. 

With Lutfullo being behind bars, the Chechen thief in law decided to take bold measures that could turn into a real war. Especially since Anvar’s henchmen and himself are notorious for taking part in the Khovansky cemetery massacre.



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