Akhmed Shalinsky can become main Chechen mafia and "move" business position of Guli 

Akhmed Shalinsky can become main Chechen mafia and "move" business position of Guli
Akhmed Dombaev, Akhmed Shalinsky

However, it will not happen before autumn.

In the Chelyabinsk region, a court ruled in the case of the thief in law Akhmed Dombaev, known as Akhmed Shalinsky. The Chechen crime boss was sentenced to eight years of administrative supervision, while the sentence was deferred – it will take effect from October 9, 2019. Currently Dombaev is in colony number 15.

According to Rosbalt, the thief in law received the eight-year administrative supervision for the fact that the leadership of the colony, where he had been sitting for almost 10 years, indicated a malicious violation of the established order by him. In a correctional facility, he is called a repeat offender. The FSIN also asked the court for 8 years after the release to prohibit the stay of the crime lord outside the house from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am, to leave the area where he lives and oblige him to be checked twice a month by the warden. The court granted this petition.

According to Rosbalt's sources, Akhmed Dombaev can “push” Azerbaijani criminal clans, including Nadir Salifov (Guli), in the market business.  


According to Rosbalt, operatives believe that the release of the thief in law will also revive the Chechen criminal circles. The main Chechen crime bosses – Islam Bolshoy, Gilani Sedoy, Aziz, Khuseyn Slepoy – live in their homeland and do not affect the criminal world of central Russia. Earlier it was supposed that Aziz Batukaev could take the place of thief in law No. 1 in Chechnya, but did not justify his hopes. Now the republic is awaiting the release of Dombaev, who can become the main Chechen mafia.

Dombaev is also being thrived on in the redistribution of zones of influence with the Azerbaijani criminal diaspora not in favor of the latter.

Representatives of big business are not interested in the current situation. Several disparate groups are active in the markets: the remnants of the Rovshan Lenkoransky clan, the brigade of Vagif Suleymanov, a part of the brigade of Alibala Gamidov (Godzhi) and representatives of the clan of the influential Nadir Salifov.


Gangs often have conflicts, which end up in murder. Major businessmen, clearly, would prefer one powerful mafia thug. It is assumed that Akhmed Shalinsky can be the one. It is known that the thief in law is a fan of sports, not seen in drug use, religious. From his youth he was familiar with the colonies, where he spent most of his life.

His last sentence, where he was crowned, was due to a loud crime. In 2009, a large company from China transported a large batch of shoes to the capital. Four trucks were stopped by traffic police officers, off-road vehicles with Chechen numbers also arrived at the site. FSB officer Yevgeny Zhuravlev was among them. He announced to surprised truckers that goods were being retrieved as smuggled ones. It soon became known that all of it was allowed into circulation and sold out. First they got on Zhuravlev's trace, and then on Dombaev, who was declared the organizer of the crime.



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