Afaq, girlfriend of crime lord Guli, posing naked on Instagram 

Afaq, girlfriend of crime lord Guli, posing naked on Instagram
Afaq Aslan

The Azerbaijani singer posted new revealing shots.

Afaq Aslan, the Azerbaijani singer, made a gift to her fans by posting more photos on Instagram.

One of them stands out: the singer is captured covering her bare chest with her hand. In less than 24 hours, the photo got more than 8.000 likes and a lot of rave reviews, such as  “I respect that princess because she only tells the truth,” or “you are a super girl”, and “so sexy”.

Afaq left a mysterious caption under her photo: “Not letting anyone near you is a talent, too”.


Earlier, the singer had hinted at a close relationship with the famous thief in law (vor), Nadir Salifov (Guli). She said her love lived in Turkey and whenever she is asked about her relationship with the vor, she claims that she has no intention of discussing her private life with the press and adds: “a crime lord has a heart, too”.

Once, also on Instagram, the songstress published a romantic postcard featuring letters “A + N”, which could stand for “Afaq + Nadir”.

However, Guli has never commented on his links with Afaq Aslan. Moreover, he took someone else as his “plus 1” at the wedding of the thief in law Nikolai Dgebuadze (Nika Gagrinsky), which took place this summer in Istanbul.

Guli was detained earlier this month by the Istanbul police, but was released the next day after a talk.



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