Adamant victim of Shakro Molodoy: Retrial on $10-million-claims to Ministry of Finance achieved

Adamant victim of Shakro Molodoy: Retrial on $10-million-claims to Ministry of Finance achieved
Shakro Molodoy

Former co-owner of casinos Crystal and Golden Palace requires the state to reimburse financial losses due to the actions of Moscow DOCU officers, which resulted in the seizure of the gambling establishments by Zakhar Kalashov.

The Moscow City Court overturned the decision of the Nikulinsky District Court on the claim of Karlen Azizbekyan, the former co-owner of casinos Crystal and Golden Palace, to the Finance Ministry, Rosbalt reports. The businessman demands from the state to compensate financial losses of 10 million dollars, which he suffered during the seizure of the gambling establishments by the group of thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) and a group of siloviki.

Karlen Azizbekyan supervised Magma-V private security company, which provided security for Crystal and Golden Palace. However, in 2000 Moscow DOCU officers under the leadership of General Alexander Orlov illegally searched the gambling establishments, which resulted in the casinos being unguarded. The entrepreneur is convinced that the siloviki acted in the interests of thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), since after the incident Crystal and Golden Palace came under his control.

Soon the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Moscow Central Administrative District initiated criminal proceedings against Azizbekyan on swindling. The businessman was hiding abroad for 12 years and returned only when the investigators removed him from the international wanted list, and then closed the criminal case on rehabilitating grounds. Moreover, the investigation acknowledged that Kalashov "seized control over the activities" of the casinos, having neutralized Azizbekyan through illegal criminal prosecution.

In 2014 the former co-owner of the casinos estimated the lost property, profit not received for 13 years, and a share in the property at 270 million dollars and presented unprecedented claims to the state in the face of the Ministry of Finance. He estimated moral damage at 100 million dollars.

However, then the Nikulinsky District Court of Moscow, referring to the judicial practice, estimated the amount of moral damage at only 100 thousand rubles ($1.7 thousand). In March 2017 the court reconsidered Azizbekyan's claims with more modest demands – $10 million. The judge demanded a certificate that all these years the businessman did not receive a salary in the seized casinos. Or to present evidence that 700 thousand dollars and a collection of guns, which were seized from Azizbekyan and subsequently disappeared, belonged to him. The certificate confirming that the guns were officially registered in his name did not suffice. Although these guns had already been sold by the police, and a criminal case was even brought on this fact. As a result, the court refused to compensate for the damage.

Now the lower instance will have to listen to Azizbekyan's arguments again.



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