Acquitted a year ago thief in law Sych sentenced in absentia to three years’ incarceration

Acquitted a year ago thief in law Sych sentenced in absentia to three years’ incarceration
Roman Sychev (Sych)

The crime boss was accused of illegal possession of weapons and drugs.

The Orekhovo-Zuevsky court of the Moscow region handed down a sentence to 40-year-old Kazan thief in law Roman Sychev (Sych). He was found guilty of illegal possession of weapons and drugs and got three and a half years of freedom deprivation, though the sentence is suspended.

A year ago, Sych was already accused of the same counts, but then the court (in another composition) acquitted him and released him in the courtroom. Judge Viktor Tikhonov, on the basis of the testimony of two witnesses, came to the conclusion that a provocation had been organized against the 'thief'.

Sychev was detained in early 2016 by officers of various divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA). Initially, his car was stopped by traffic cops, the Special Rapid Deployment Force officers came to aid them, and the operatives of the Orekhovo-Zuevsky MIA Municipal Department and specialists from the central office checked and seized evidence.

According to investigators, personal search of citizen Sychev, detained on highway M-7 Volga in Orekhovo-Zuevsky district of the Moscow region, turned up a TT gun with three cartridges, as well as a bag with 2.5 grams of narcotic substance - spice. Criminal cases under Art. 222 of the Criminal Code and Art. 228 of the Criminal Code have been instituted against the thief in law, due to which he could face a serious term of up to 10 years.

However, at the trial two persons that were present during the detention of Sychev – Kazan mafia enforcer Sergey Neyder, nicknamed Neyder, and their driver, said that Sychev had not had anything illegal, and everything that had been seized was planted by policemen before their eyes. This was enough for the court to release Sychev.

According to the police, they almost changed places with the 'thief' in court, because even the prosecutor stood up for the defense of the accused, trying to accuse the prosecution witnesses if not of forgery, then of excess of official authority.

Later there was information that a bribe of 40 million rubles ($676.5 thousand) could influence the judge's decision, which was used to get at the officials.

However, in February 2017, the Moscow Regional Court quashed the decision of the City Court and returned Sychev's case for a new trial, and the thief in law himself was put on the wanted list.

Later Sych was allegedly seen in Kazan, where he flew from Moscow to settle the conflict after the attack of a group of youngsters on local shopping center Altyn. In March 2017 a group of unknown people in medical masks ran into the building and began to smash the windows, and then quickly disappeared.

In the meantime, not only law enforcers, but also associates of influential thief in law Shishkan began to look for him. Allegedly, it was they who provided Sych with money for ransom, which he had to return after his release. However, instead Sychev flew under the radar and even refused to meet with Ramenskiye.

According to The CrimeRussia, Roman Sychev was 'crowned' by a group of 'Slavic' thieves in law Mukha, Kostyl, Pan and Sergey Samarsky in 2015. It is known that Shishkan Ramensky also took part in the rite of passage of Roma Sych. And this was done with the aim of enlarging the 'Slavic' thieves' wing as a counter to the Georgian one. However, for such behavior, Sych can easily lose his 'status' at the first meeting with one of his 'godsons’.



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