Accomplice in murder of Guli’s henchman gets 4.5 years in colony 

Accomplice in murder of Guli’s henchman gets 4.5 years in colony
Nadir Salifov aka Guli

The assassin is on the wanted list.

The Moskovsky District Court of St. Petersburg has sentenced Azerbaijani citizen Nazim Nusratov to 4 years and 6 months for assisting in the murder of thief in law Nadir Salifov’s (Guli) trustee.

April 28, 2017, Dzhabir Gasanov (Khasanov) was murdered on Leninsky Avenue of St. Petersburg.

According to operatives, he was murdered by a certain Dzhamal Gasanov, who is considered to be a “staff killer” of Rovshan Lenkoransky’s brother, a secret witness says. Immediately after the murder, he abandoned the car a few blocks from the crime scene.

Nazim Nusratov, who was detained a month after the elimination of Gasanov, actively assisted the killers – there have been two murder attempts on the vor’s henchman. Both times, the convict met the St. Petersburg visitors in Pulkovo. The first assassin came from Baku in early April last year, but had to leave the country six days later. The second guest – Gasanov, 23 – arrived from Istanbul on April 25 and finished the job off properly.

Джамал Гасанов во время задержание в Турции

Dzhamal Gasanov during detention in Turkey

Nusratov supplied his accomplices with a car, a phone, an apartment, and a pistol, receiving 340 thousand rubles ($5,100) for expenses. At the same time, he did not plead guilty and explained his participation in the crime by being polite and hospitable.

Later, Gasanov was detained in Istanbul as part of a group of people who were preparing an attempt on Salifov after his release from prison. However, a few months later, Turkish law enforcement officers released all the conspirators without bringing any charges against them, including Gasanov, who was arrested in absentia in Petersburg by that time.

The investigation believes the motive for Gasanov’s murder was revenge on the part of the clan previously led by Rovshan Dzhaniev, who was killed in 2016. According to witnesses, Gasanov repeatedly told Azerbaijanis trading in the Apraksin Dvor that he had personally participated in the murder of Guli’s main enemy. In addition, it is also known that he was among those who participated in the massacre of vor Rafik Eyvazov (Rafik Masallinsky), when the latter’s ear was cut off by Guli’s order. After that, Rafik swore to find and get back at each of his offenders. It is also noteworthy that, judging by the border marks in Gasanov’s passport, he was also in Turkey at the time of Rovshan Lenkoransky’s murder in Istanbul.



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