Abo’s ‘dream oranges’. Crime lord’s ‘internship’ in Rostov pre-trial detention facility  

Abo’s ‘dream oranges’. Crime lord’s ‘internship’ in Rostov pre-trial detention facility
Abo is going to get ‘crowned’ a crime lord soon Photo: crimerussia.com

Albert Saribekyan is going to pay substantial amount of money soon to get ‘crowned’, according to crimerussia.com’s source. He is attacking and beating facility employees to ‘boost’ his reputation in criminal community, while someone protects and covers him.

Head of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the MIA of the Russian Federation Andrey Larionov gave the Interfax-Yug News Agency an interview in 2016. There were no crime lords left in the region, he claimed. “Gang activities were revealed and stopped thanks to comprehensive efforts of the police and other law enforcement agencies. These people faced trial and received punishment reserved by the law for their crimes”, he said.

Back then, crimerussia.com’s sources knowledgeable about the region’s crime situation pointed out that the Rostov Department Head moderately kept silent about a large Rostov gang led by former kickboxer Demian Mikhailov. Crimerussia.com has repeatedly reported on Mikhailov, also known as Dema, his right-hand man nicknamed Lelya, and their ‘men’ rampaging through the town while the local police doing nothing to stop them. Yet, Dema and Lelya ended up in pre-trial detention facility for hooliganism. The gang had operated under the leadership of crime lord Nodar Asoyan, also known as Nodar Rustavsky. Asoyan went on the run after a criminal case was opened against him. He was the City of Taganrog ‘supervisor’. Asoyan left Dema in charge. A meeting was held after Dema was arrested. A new ‘supervisor’ known as Nevezukha (Bad Luck) was elected there. He is also tied to Asoyan.

«Дема» и «Леля»

Dema and Lelya

Asoyan will face trial in Rostov if he gets caught there. Naturally, he is not keen on visiting. Asoyan is accused of 9 thefts committed alongside his gang. The gang operated at the Rostov Bus Station from 2002 to 2006. Court is already hearing the criminal case, according to crimerussia.com’s source. Asoyan’s henchmen will soon be sentenced. As for Asoyan, he is still on Interpol’s wanted list.

Artem is another once prominent Rostov criminal. He is late Armenian crime lord Armen Arutyusyan’s (also known as Armen Kanevsky) brother. Artem Arutyusyan wanted to ‘get the crown’, according to crimerussia.com’s source. However, his plans were thwarted by his brother’s death. He was arrested and later tossed out of Russia. Arutyusyan is not allowed to come back to Russia from Republic of Armenia despite his strong desire to do exactly that, according to the source. Even $5 million supposed to help him come to terms with people who do not let him come back to Rostov were of no use.

Артем Арутюнян

Artem Arutyukyan

Yet, there are still large clans’ pawns in the region despite Armen Kanevsky’s death and Nodar Rustavsky’s flight. However, they stay under the radar and do not really show themselves. At the same time, new leaders are being prepared in local prisons, according to police sources. They are to take place of the previous ones. Armenian crime lord Albert Saribekyan is one of such people. Everyone knows him in the Rostov Region, and especially in Taganrog. However, this either ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘debt collector’ is largely known for committing off-limits offences under the name of Abo. He can often be seeing drinking with local police officers and other law enforcement employees. His police friends help him avoid prosecution by contributing to destruction of criminal cases against him and shielding him, according to crimerussia.com’s sources. Police Lieutenant Colonel and Acting Head of the Matveevo-Kurgansky Inter-Municipal Department of the MIA A. N. Efremov is one such friend.

«Нодар Руставский»

Nodar Rustavsky

Abo had faced trial on multiple occasions. However, courts went surprisingly easy on him each time. For example, he hit a police officer with the backside of an axe in a café in 2001. Investigators accused him of breaking part 1 of Art. 213 (Hooliganism) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. He was given a 1 year long suspended sentence with 1 year long probation period. In 2009, he stabbed a man while having fun in another café. The victim died. Investigation went easy on Saribekyan once more. He was accused of breaking the part 1 article 109, (“Infliction of Death by Negligence”) of the Code. Saribekyan was given a 1 year long suspended sentence with 1 year long probation period once again. In 2010, he beat a woman in a café. He did not even face trial this time around.

The Armenian criminal really showed what kind of a person he is in the course of a conflict with his former wife Anna Zibert. They are fighting a child custody battle. Zibert went to visit her parents’ graves one day and saw a photo of her in between the ones of her parents. That is quite an obvious hint at her soon joining her parents. People immediately assumed Saribekyan was behind the horrible graveyard incident; they knew about a years-long fight for the kidnapped child and her own house between Zibert and Saribekyan. The Rostov police ultimately decided to investigate what was going on after a picture was published in a blog. Neither information published in the blog nor the photo were enough to open a criminal case, as it turned out later.

Фотография на могиле родителей

Photo at the parent’s grave

Abo’s ‘luck’ is usually attributed to him being friends with several law enforcement officers. However, Saribekyan finally got arrested in August of 2016, according to crimerussia.com’s source. The criminal and his son Suren Saribekyan, a master of sports in sambo, committed a robbery in Taganrog restaurant Kalipso, according to the source. They attacked 2 police officers. It seems that Abo’s protectors were not able to shield him after such an audacious robbery. Saribekyan and his son were arrested. A criminal case for breaking the Article 163 (Robbery) of the Code was later opened against them.

Crimerussia.com’s source pointed out that Suren Saribekyan was arrested first. Abo was at the place of one of the Matveevo-Kurgansky Department police officers at the time. One may say he was hiding there. It is worth reminding that the criminal spends a lot of time with the Department Head.

Saribekyan was found, arrested, and locked in pre-trial detention facility after a while. He managed to get his son out of prison at the same time, however. It was possible thanks to Abo’s protectors’ efforts, according to some reports. Some money was spent on forging documents through a Neklinovsky District notary. The documents helped to illegally get Artur, the son of Saribekyan and Zibert, away from Russia and to Armenia.


Abo in court

Abo tried to defend himself once he got his son to Armenia. He failed to do so. It was due to the fact he made a fuzz in a wrong neighborhood that so happened to be tightly controlled by local ‘forces’, some say. Former Head of the Department of the MIA in Taganrog Gennady Alekseev has recently stepped down for Colonel Aleksey Ermashov to take over. Ermashov is said to be an officer of principle who had fought in local conflicts. Abo’s protectors failed in their attempts to get along with the new Head.

Abo does not feel bored in Taganrog pre-trial detention facility. He has a TV and PC in his cell so he can stay in touch with the outside world. He is planning to ‘further promote’ his ‘criminal qualification’, too. He is planning to pay serious money to ‘get crowned’ in the future, according to crimerussia.com’s source. He is attacking and beating facility employees to ‘boost’ his reputation in criminal community, while someone protects and covers him. His ‘internship’ is going well, according to the source. Abo is going to face trial for robbery as soon as end-March. He will be sent to prison after that. He is dreaming of getting ‘crowned’ there. Unfortunately, it has yet to be known what crime lord supports him and gives him recommendations.

The police may very well have done its job properly. Still, the criminals may only be given a 3 year long custodial sentence at best, since criminals with wealthy protectors often get favorable treatment in the Rostov Region. Given the time he spent in pre-trial detention facility, Abo Saribekyan will walk free 6 months after the upcoming FIFA World Cup if court sentences him to the minimum prison term on March 30, 2017. That is the time new criminal clans are going to began operating according to their unwritten rules.

A Kanevskie (Kanevsky’s (men)) gang member Vagan Karlik (Vagan Midget) being given a 2 year long suspended sentence is yet another thing that provides food for thought, too.

As for the crime lord, he left Russia following arrest of Shakro Molodoy (Shakro Young); he was a part of his entourage. May we remind you that things that happened to Zakhary Kalashov frightened not only Nodar Rustavsky, but Dato Krasnodarsky (Dato from (the City of) Krasnodar) and Kuso as well. Influential Vasya Voskres (Vasya Resurrected) also moved abroad to wait thought unrest in the criminal community, according to latest reports.




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