"A boy with a boy is bad." Crime lord on why sex education was needed in rural school

"A boy with a boy is bad." Crime lord on why sex education was needed in rural school

One of the persons involved in a scandal gave a frank interview.

A resident of the village of Pervomayskoye, Ussuriysk region, whom the media marked down as a 'crime boss,' told Komsomolskaya Pravda about the motives that prompted him to organize a meeting on sex education at a local school, which became known all over the country. The source of the publication granted an interview on condition of anonymity.

According to him, it all started when he met a long-time friend on the street, whose younger brother was in the fifth grade at this school. The friend complained to the 'crime lord' that three upper-form students had caught his brother in the toilet and "asked him to take off his pants," seducing him to actions of a sexual nature.

“They offered different things: <...>, <....> (obscene language). I am sorry, I cannot say it correctly. Due to the fact that this person is not indifferent to me, and secondly, my child will go to this school next year, and I myself went there ... ”, explains the source of the media outlet.

He and two of his friends decided to turn to the head of the settlement and the headmaster to hold a meeting at school. The head of the educational institution allowed gathering children - boys from the 5th to the 7th grade in the assembly hall. It was there that the so-called lesson of sex education took place.

"We tell them: "Look, boys, guys. A boy with a boy is bad, we should not have that. Everybody was then interrogated. The handicraft teacher, headmaster ... Only once it occurred to me  <...>, because emotions were overwhelming. We talked only about the fact that ... Look, guys. If you see such trash, immediately inform the class teacher, the director. You have to stop it,” said the interlocutor.

The hero of the interview added that he had already been interrogated by the Investigative Committee and a report was drawn up against him for foul language. He also denied information in the media that one of the three speakers at the lecture had served time in prison.

"No. The second's child goes to this school, the third's one will soon go. Please, understand us, what should we do? Take them to another district? Children grow up, and if such nonsense flourishes, it is very scary,” the man added.

Earlier it became known that the local crime lords lectured children on sexual orientation. Parents learned about the meeting with the crime bosses in the rural school from students, and then made this story public on Pikabu website.

According to eyewitnesses, the gangsters explained to the boys going to a rural school in Mikhaylovsky district of the region, what “not to do in life” and “what they will face in prison” if they have a sexual relationship with each other.

“Yesterday the former headmaster, who is now the head of the administration of the rural settlement for a year and a half, invited local gangsters (known by everybody) to school. The current school principal personally ran through all three floors of the school and gathered (pulling out of classes, without explaining anything to teachers) only boys, from the 5th to the 7th grades. The boys, whose parents teach at this school, were not taken. She was aided by deputy for educational work. All the children were gathered in the assembly hall. Of the adults were only the director, former director, physical education teacher. Well, there were also the invited bandits. The director introduced the invited people: mafia enforcer of our village, and the students are supposed be look up to them!”, the report reads.

It is noted that the children were forbidden to tell their parents and teachers about the meeting, but the incident still became known.



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