5-meter gravestone for Rovshan Lenkoransky made in India

5-meter gravestone for Rovshan Lenkoransky made in India
Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lenkoransky)

The tombstone for the thief in law, who had been killed, is already in Baku.

A headstone for Rovshan Dzhaniev’s grave has been brought to Baku, where the thief in law is buried. Rovshan Lenkoransky had been shot in Istanbul.

The 5-meter-high monument was made in India, then delivered to Turkey before being brought to Azerbaijan. It is now in a tombstone factory in the Binagadi district, where it is being finished.

Namik Dzhaniev, Rovshan’s brother, ordered the stele.

As our readers may well remember, Rovshan Lenkoransky was killed late on August 17 in Istanbul last year. That night, the thief was meeting his fellow gangsters at a restaurant in an Istanbul hotel before returning to his car. The Range Rover was attacked with Dzhaniev and his chauffeur inside who died at the scene. Dzhaniev was taken to hospital in a serious condition, where he died.

Later, his body was brought to his hometown, Azerbaijan’s city of Lankaran (Lenkoran in Russian transliteration, hence his nickname), where he was buried in a way that is considered respectful and proper among thieves.



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