$477.000 for Nodar Rustavsky’s head

$477.000 for Nodar Rustavsky’s head
Nodar Asoyan fled upon learning of opponents' plans. Photo: The CrimeRussia

According to CrimeRussia’s sources, Nodar Rustavsky, who is a very respected thieve on the Don, was pursuing quite a noble goal trying to stop substantial drug trafficking to the region. Many did not like this, however.

The CrimeRussia has done an investigation of the gang, consisting of Rostov policemen, and found out that the well-known thief in law Nodar Rustavsky had to flee the Russian Federation after he leant that they were going to slay him. A multi-stage "special operation" was carried out to "neutralize" Nodar Asoyan’s criminal influence in the Rostov region. Even more interesting is that Rostov Ministry of Internal Affairs was involved in it – the same officers the CrimeRussia had written about before. Read more on how Rostov’s underworld has frozen awaiting the verdict to Nodar Rustavsky and other curious details in our tomorrow’s exclusive story.



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