4 Kutaisskaya OCG members and crime lord arrested for burglary in Spain 

4 Kutaisskaya OCG members and crime lord arrested for burglary in Spain
Confiscated firearms

Georgian gangsters were arrested on suspicion of burglary in Madrid. Three of the gangsters were brothers. Guardia Civil confiscated firearms and more than 2,000 stolen items.

Guardia Civil arrested a Georgian organized crime group (OCG) specializing in burglary and other crimes.

Four gangsters were arrested, according to Guardia Civil's official release. Three of them are brothers. One of the brothers was the gang leader and a crime lord. Their names have not been released yet. They are members of the Kutaisskaya OCG. One of the gangsters had been convicted of attempted murder and given a 10-year custodial sentence in Georgia.

Guardia Civil found out the OCG had its HQ in el Barrio del Pilar. More than 2,000 stolen items, 10 firearms (pistols and revolvers), 56 rounds, numerous side arms, surveillance divides, an assortment of picklocks, fake IDs, and credit cards were confiscated during the HQ search.

The arrestees are suspected of having robbed more than 50 apartments and houses in Madrid and outside of it, according to the official release. The investigation that led to the arrests had been launched in January 2017. The Georgian MIA informed Spanish law enforcement about the burglars having entered Spain. They gangsters went across Europe after than but returned to Spain 10 months later.


The OCG members would surveil and area on workdays and steal from houses on weekends when owners were not home, according to the case file. The leader told others exactly what to do. He stayed in their HQ. His brothers are experienced picklocks; they opened doors. The fourth gangster was responsible for picking houses and surveilling them. He also disabled CCTV cameras.


The arrestees were charged with participation in a crime group, theft, arms trafficking, and ID forging. They face 2 to 5 years in prison. The Georgian MIA helped Guardia Civil arrest the suspects.


It is worth mentioning that Georgia has the most gangsters among non-EU countries, according to the European Commission’s December report. Georgian OCG members are responsible for the worst felonies in the EU. The EU law enforcement carried out a number of special operations targeting Georgian gang in the EU in 2017. Some gangs were led by crime lords.

Georgian OCGs threaten the EU and promote their influence in the criminal community, according to the report. Georgian crime groups are highly mobile, are often involved in theft and burglaries, and are especially prolific in France, Greece, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Georgia is a transit country enabling money laundering.



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