3 countries united to eliminate Spartak’s gang

3 countries united to eliminate Spartak’s gang
Spartak Dzhaparidze (left)

The gang leader is hiding in Naples.

The Spanish National Police conducted a large-scale cleansing in Madrid and Barcelona. The extensive special operations resulted in arrest of about 50 burglars of Georgian descent. The police however failed to detain the gang leader, thief in law Spartak Dzhaparidze, or simply Spartak, who is believed to be hiding in Naples, Italy.

Investigators believe that the Spartak’s gang has committed about a hundred burglaries in the Kingdom.

Some of the gang members are yet to be detained. To catch the gang, the Spanish and French police went to Georgia, where they, together with their local counterparts are going to have a few Europol-led special operations.

In June, 18 members of the Georgian gang were arrested in Spain’s Tarragona. Police believe the gang to be the one that has been notoriously involved in home burglaries.

We should remind our readers that in recent years the Spanish police have stepped up the fight against the Russian mafia, namely Tambov and Tagansk gangs, two of the largest Russian mafias. This summer, the security forces arrested some of the Russian mafia bosses affiliated with the Russian criminal underworld laundering their money abroad.



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