20 times smaller: Shakro Molodoy’s victim reduced his wishes and dreams

20 times smaller: Shakro Molodoy’s victim reduced his wishes and dreams
Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy)

Several years earlier, businessman Karlen Azizbekyan demanded $174 million from agency. Now, however, he estimates the material damage at only $10 million.⁠

The Moscow Nikulinsky Court considers the claim of former co-owner of the once largest metropolitan casino Crystal and Golden Palace Karlen Azizbekyan to the Ministry of Finance, Rosbalt reports.

The businessman, who is also the Defence Ministry ex-officer, requires $10 million from the agency for Shakro Molodoy’s gang took over gambling establishments on the tip from the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office. The plaintiff believes that in 2000 the staff of the Moscow Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime under the leadership of General Alexander Orlov illegally raided two casinos, and then forcibly removed the entire protection, which was provided by a private security firm of Azizbekyan Magma-V (CHOP). Members of the Shakro Molodoy’s gang seized the casino. Subsequently, a criminal case was initiated against the businessman on suspicion of fraud. Azizbekyan was internationally wanted for nearly 12 years, in December 2013, the investigation closed the criminal case on rehabilitative grounds. The former co-owner of the casino claims to be a victim of the security forces and thieves in law. Moreover, the investigation has acknowledged that in 2000 Kalashov "captured control over the casinos Crystal and Golden Palace”, neutralizing Azizbekyan by means of illegal prosecution.

Note that in 2014 Azizbekyan has already filed two lawsuits to the Ministry of Finance in respect of pecuniary damage ($174 million) and non-pecuniary damage ($100 million). But then the court, referring to the precedents, estimated the amount of non-pecuniary damage only at 100 thousand rubles ($1720). In the claim for a compensation of moral damage Azizbekyan wrote that he was illegally declared on the wanted list, he was forced into hiding, he was unable to raise his children and lived with a family, which affected his health and state of mind.

Probably, no relying on the generosity of the Moscow Nikulinsky District Court Karlen Azizbekyan decided to reduce the amount of material damage to $10 million. The businessman requests the state to compensate the cost of seized property and lost profits for 13 years. Earlier, in the lawsuit from 2014 there were mentioned cash currency in the amount of $344 thousand, two TVs, all property and weapons of CHOP Magma-V, as well as the property of the casino Crystal - 40 Volga taxis, furniture, gaming tables and machines slots. It is not specified what Azizbekyan decided to exclude in the hope of some compensation.



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