13 Georgian thieves in law, 185 representatives of thieves' world detained since beginning of 2018

13 Georgian thieves in law, 185 representatives of thieves' world detained since beginning of 2018
The building of the MIA of Georgia

Most of them were detained in cooperation with European security forces.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia reported on the fight against thieves in law and members of the thieves' world over the past year.

According to Sputnik-Georgia, citing the department’s information, from the beginning of 2018 to the present, the Georgian MIA, both inside and outside the country, as a result of events held jointly with foreign security forces, started criminal prosecution and detained 198 members of the thieves' world and criminal gangs, of whom 13 are thieves in law.

Another 28 people were prosecuted after tightening legislation in April 2018. Since then, participation in the thieves' gathering, support for the activities of the thieves' world, an appeal to a member of the thieves' world or a thief in law for help have become criminally punishable.

The MIA noted that 127 Georgian citizens – members of criminal groups, as well as 12 Georgian thieves in law were detained in 2018 in France and Greece as a result of active cooperation with law enforcement authorities in Europe.

Recall that according to last year's report of the European Commission on the liberalization of the EU visa regime with a number of countries, as of January 2018, Georgia was the leader in the number of citizens participating in organized crime groups committing serious crimes in Europe. It has been reported that Georgian organized crime groups are particularly active in France, Greece, Germany, Italy and Spain, and Georgia itself is increasingly being used to launder illegal money received by various organized criminal groups in the EU.

As a result of the rampancy of Georgian organized crime in April 2018, the country's legislation significantly tightened against thieves in law and the thieves' community – new articles appeared in the Georgian criminal code for contacts with the criminal world, and the list of punishable actions for the representatives of the thieves' world has expanded.



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