"Suggested that he tell the truth." Details of Shakro Molodoy’s meeting with Italianets in Investigative Directorate

 "Suggested that he tell the truth." Details of Shakro Molodoy’s meeting with Italianets in Investigative Directorate

Thief in law Zakhary Kalashov told about the meeting with Andrey Kochuykov, arranged for him by the Investigative Committee staff right in the building of the investigation department.

Investigators have long known about the meeting of thief in law Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) and his associate crime lord Andrey Kochuykov (Italianets), which took place in summer 2016 right in the ICR for the Central district of the capital. According to the guard, who was then on duty at the entrance to the building, the then Head of the administration, Alexey Kramarenko, personally met the vor in the street. He led Kalashov inside the building, and ordered the watchman not to include the guest in the casebook. According to the guard, the visitor was wearing Armani shoes and carrying a Louis Vuitton leather briefcase. He could not explain how he had recognized Kalashov's branded items.

Shakro Molodoy’s meeting with his fellow Italianets, whose article on hooliganism in case of a fight in Elements restaurant was in the process of being changed for a softer one on arbitrariness, was needed because of Kochuykov’s intractability. According to a source of Rosbalt, by that time the crime boss had already reached an agreement with high-ranking investigators of the ICR on the release of Italianets rom the detention center. The ICR staff had already received two bribes of $500 thousand (transferred by businessman Oleg Sheykhametov) and $1 million (transferred by businessman Dmitry Smychkovsky), but Italianets himself turned obstinate. In order to carry out the plans, investigator Bychkov, on Kramarenko’s orders, had to convince Kochuykov to admit his guilt. But he strongly refused. His lawyer also could not admit the arbitrariness of Italianets.

Then Shakro Molodoy came to the investigative department personally to convince his colleague to admit guilt. According to the testimony of Kalashov, when Kochuykov was passing along the corridor, he appealed to him and “suggested that he tell the truth during interrogation, to which the latter refused and said that he would not admit guilt.”

Italianets at the interrogation stated that he was not aware about the bribe to the employees of the ICR, therefore he refused to plead guilty to arbitrariness. “In the Investigative Directorate of the Main Investigative Directorate for the Central Administrative District, where investigator A.N. Bychkov insistently began to demand admission to guilt in committing arbitrariness. As a result of the conflict that began there, he (A.N. Kochuykov) ran out of the office into the corridor, where he saw his acquaintance Kalashov Z.K. The latter suggested that he calm down and tell the truth, to which he refused, as he was too excited,” reads Kochuykov’s testimony.

Now, because of this episode with the meeting in the ICR, Shakro Molodoy is still being kept in Krasnaya Presnya detention center, although the sentence of almost 10 years in prison has already entered into force. Investigators believe that the testimony of Kalashov confirms the guilt of the ex-chief of the Investigative Directorate for the Central Administrative Board of the Main Investigative Directorate of Moscow, Alexey Kramarenko. Sources of Rosbalt do not exclude that it would be necessary to question the thief in law again and, probably, to bring new charges against him. During the first interrogation in the bribe case Shakro Molodoy had the status of a suspect, and now he is a witness.



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