“Jumped” on Guli – welcome to morgue 

 “Jumped” on Guli – welcome to morgue
Threats to the thief in law were heard

A video where mafia lord Guli was insulted and the subsequent 'payment' published on the Internet.

Timur Dikiy (Wild), one of the members of the Chechen kingpin Khamzat Gastamirov (Sheikh Khamzat), recorded a video with threats against thief in law Guli (Nadir Salifov). After the incident, a video of his car dent with bullets and himself lying in a morgue appeared on the web.

On the first video distributed a telegram-channel Kriminalitet (Gangland), a young man with a beard promises to “tear” the kingpin “a new one” and mocks his nickname.

The second video shows a black Mercedes 500 with a broken window on the driver's side and bullets holes.

The third video allegedly shows the Chechen, who threatened Guli, in the morgue. On his body, there are traces of bullet wounds.

18+ Timur Dikiy in morgue Wounds
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The authors of the telegram-channel link all three videos to each other.

The Azerbaijani edition Oxu.Az believes that the reason why Timur Dikiy threatened the kingpin, who currently lives in Turkey, was the conflict situation with another mafia lord, Aziz Batukayev, because of the right to control several capital markets.

At that, Khamzat Gastamirov's representatives said that the information about Timur’s murder is not true. According to them, Timur is alive, and on the video, published on the Internet, there is a completely different person.

It is to be recalled that after his release in October 2017, Salifov actively strengthened his position in the vast expanses of the former Soviet Union, taxing all new businessmen. Through his people, he controls all areas where Azerbaijanis are involved, from Moscow to the Urals.

At the end of last year, Batukayev’s representatives visited three markets of Moscow: one of the oldest and most prestigious in the capital – Dorogomilovsky near the Kiev railway station, Danilovsky, which is near the metro station Tulskaya, with more than half a century history, and Butovsky market at the 33rd kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road. The reason was to try to establish their control over the workers under Guli’s protection.



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