“I’m a bum” says crime lord Ogonyok at interrogation - video 

 “I’m a bum” says crime lord Ogonyok at interrogation - video
Alexander Briksman

The crime lord called himself a homeless man Vasya, from whom all convictions have been removed.

A video of the detention and interrogation of thief in law Sasha Ogonyok, also known as Alexander Briksman-Okunev, has been published on the Web. During the detention, the mafia boss acknowledged his underworld status and criminal record; at the interrogation, he made jokes.

“I live in Moscow wherever I want. I’m a bum,” says Briksman.

When asked whether he has had any criminal record, the thief in law replies that there are none, all convictions have been removed. The investigator asks if there are any new criminal nicknames. “Vasya,” says Briksman.

Ogonyok was detained in November 2018 with heroin in his pockets, for which he got nine months in prison. On August 16, investigators reported that a criminal case had been instituted against Briksman for occupying a high position in the criminal hierarchy (Art. 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

According to the investigation, Ogonyok coordinated the actions of organized groups in the districts of Krasnogorsk, Volokolamsk and Solnechnogorsk and the NAD of Moscow and distributed criminal proceeds.

Briksman is the real name of the 56-year-old boss. Because of the non-Russian ring to it, the thief in law took the name of his wife, Okunev. He was vetted in 1994, repeatedly tried, has recently lived in Orekhovo-Zuevo, a Moscow suburbian area.



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