Vitya Pan’s empire collapse

Thief in law Viktor Panyushin, better known as Vitya Pan, is on the run. In the summer of 2017, he and his henchmen became involved in a criminal case under Art. 210 of the Russian Criminal Code (Organization of a Criminal Community). The other day, it was reported that apart from this, the Investigative Committee had initiated criminal proceedings under article on occupying a higher position in the criminal hierarchy against him. Previously, sources reported that Vitya Pan’s legacy is still very much alive here in his homeland. Today, he continues to remotely control a number of entrepreneurs and profit from a number of shadow business areas. Read

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One spy managed to escaped, but there are many others who are still operating
24 44
Russian government has potential spies with overseas property, as well as wives and children living abroad
21 38
This can’t be true, Russian officials are all patriots
5 9
This is a fake espionage scandal made up out of political motives
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