Zelenograd Federal Migration Service head caught with $34.4-thousand bribe 

Zelenograd Federal Migration Service head caught with $34.4-thousand bribe

Whilst with the migration service, Kseniya Berdnikova acquired homes and apartments worth at least 80 million rubles ($1.3 m).

The Head of the Zelenograd department of the Federal Migration Service (FMS), Kseniya Berdnikova, was caught red-handed by the FSB officers when receiving a bribe, public page Mash reports.

According to a source in law enforcement agencies, Kseniya Berdnikova, the 33-year-old head of the migration service of Zelenograd, received 2 million rubles ($34.4 thousand) from local entrepreneurs for registration of migrants.

It is worth noting that the first corruption charges against the Head of the Zelenograd FMS were voiced in January 2017. A member of the Moscow Chamber of Attorneys, Fyodor Ismailov, was detained on suspicion of blackmailing Berdnikova. According to investigators, the lawyer extorted 6 million rubles ($103.4 thousand) from the Head of the Zelenograd FMS. For this amount he promised the official not to tell the FSB officers about the houses and apartments that she had purchased during her time in the FMS.

Ismailov told Berdnikova that the law enforcers were going to initiate a criminal case against her for organizing the illegal stay of migrants in Zelenograd, adding that the investigation was likely to become interested in the expensive real estate owned by her family.

Operatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the South-Eastern Administrative District detained Ismailov in February, and a criminal case was filed against him under the Criminal Code article on Swindling. Berdnikova was recognized as a victim in this case, but investigations against her began.


It is worth noting that, according to Life, members of the family of Kseniya Berdnikova are the owners of four apartments, two houses and four plots of land. Berdnikova’s parents own two of them, located in the elite village of Kaporka, together with a villa. Their cost is at least 25 million rubles ($430.9 thousand). In addition, they have a land plot in Veshki village in Mytishchi district of the Moscow region, worth about 3 million rubles ($51.7 thousand).

The relatives of the Head of the Zelenograd FMS also own two apartments in Svobody Street, an apartment on Novokurkinskoye Highway in the North-Western Administrative District and in Yurlovsky Passage in the North-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow. Their total cost is roughly 50 million rubles ($861.8 thousand).

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