Zakharchenko’s wife told why their family does not live in misery

Zakharchenko’s wife told why their family does not live in misery

Zakharchenko's civil wife has denied that the family threw the former Colonel in the pre-trial detention center. In addition, she told on what means family lived.

The civil wife of the former Interior Ministry Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko gave an interview to Moskovsky Komsomolets, in which described the family income.

Marina lives with Dmitry Zakharchenko in a civil marriage for 14 years. The couple has an eight-year daughter Juliana. Earlier it was reported that the girl owns the apartment of 170 square meters in the elite residential complex Imperial House in the Yakimanka.

According to Marina, the family has always lived only means. The first time, back in the Rostov-on-Don, where Dmitry and Marina came from, a young family lived in a ten meters room of the living community.

After Zakharchenko was invited to work in Moscow, the standard of living has become higher.

Recently, the family is not destitute, because Marina earns about 300 thousand rubles a month (as an individual entrepreneur, she engages in advertising on the Internet), the official annual income of Dmitry was not less than 2 million rubles.

According to Marina, they have never show off - drove a family vacation in Sochi, because they could not go abroad (Zakharchenko has no right to travel abroad because of the service). As MK wrote, in the apartment there are no special frills, gold watches and silver toilets.

In addition, parents of Dmitry and Marina always help them. Marina calls Dmitry’s parents "very wealthy people", her mother works as the chief of department at one of the largest plants.

Dmitry’s sister, on whose apartment it was found 123 million dollars, Marina saw only twice in 14 years. And about the existence of the apartment at the Lomonosov Prospect she did not know.

Earlier, the press reported that Zakharchenko’s family turned its back to Dmitry from the period of his detention in the pre-trial detention center. Marina says that's not true. His wife regularly receives him deliveries, but investigator does not allow the meeting with her husband.

Marina describes her husband as a kind, responsible and responsive person. On the fact that her husband was involved in crimes, of which he is accused of, she does not believe.

As far as possible, according to Marina, the family is engaged in charity. The woman told how they helped the family of a disabled person in the Tver region, by building them a new, decent, though not luxurious, house.

It is worth noting that all Marina’s words are fundamentally different from previously reported about the family of the former Acting Head of the Department T Dmitry Zakharchenko, who is currently under custody in the pre-trial detention center Lefortovo.

The Former Acting Head of the Department T GUEBiPK Dmitry Zakharchenko, from whom the FSB seized currency by 8.5 billion rubles, was arrested on 9 September. He was charged with Abuse of Official Powers (Art. 285 of the Criminal Code), Bribe-Taking on an especially large scale (Art. 290) and Obstruction of Justice and Preliminary Investigation (Art. 294).

According to investigators, Zakharchenko is associated with a number of high-profile criminal cases. He is suspected of having relationships with a number of criminal groups, as well as in the laundering of large sums of money.

According to sources close to the investigation, Dmitry Zakharchenko’s family members own several luxury apartments in Moscow, the park of luxury SUVs for a total amount of 25 million rubles, the property in the Rostov region.

In addition, on the name of the Zakharchenko’s father - Viktor, according to media reports, there are opened several accounts in Swiss banks, the total amount funds on which is 300 million euros. Also, 65-year-old pensioner Viktor Zakharchenko, the former rural teacher from the Rostov region, owns several properties in Spain and Switzerland, according to the documents.



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