Zakharchenko's unemployed family members have elite car fleet worth 25 million rubles

Zakharchenko's unemployed family members have elite car fleet worth 25 million rubles

Currently under investigation, Dmitry Zakharchenko, the Acting Head of Department T of the MIA Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption, who turned out to possess 8.5 billion rubles in cash (now seized), made sure his extended family got both elite houses in Moscow and Rostov region and premium cars.

Dmitry Zakharchenko's family members drive luxury Lexus and Mercedes Benz, informed. Mercedes GLS500, the most expensive one, costs 9 million rubles and belongs to the Colonel's unemployed sister Irina, 45. The woman also has SUV Lexus GX460 worth 5 million rubles and an unidentified model of Hyundai.

According to the Life, all traffic fines registered on Irina’s cars were associated with incidents in Moscow, although Zakharchenko's sister and her family reside in the Rostov region.

A law enforcement source claimed Zakharchenko was the one to drive Lexus and Mercedes, officially belonging to his sister.

However, it was 4-million-ruble Mercedes-Benz ML 400 4MATIC that committed most road violations, it appears. The one that the Colonel had given to his 63-year-old father Viktor Zakharchenko who (judging by age) is not likely to be that foolhardy. The father also lives most of the time in the Rostov region, so Zakharchenko himself is believed to be the effective driver.

Zakharchenko's ex-wife Marina S. officially owns a new Mercedes-Benz ML 400 4MATIC and a new Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid. Their total worth is about 8 million rubles, law enforcement said.

Earlier, the investigation found several upscale apartments in Moscow elite residential complexes, also officially belonging to Zakharchenko's significant others. The one in upmarket Imperial House residential complex belongs to the Colonel's eight-year-old daughter and is worth 250 million rubles. Two simpler ones are about 380 millions in total. Indeed, Zakharchenko does not officially own any of the said apartments.



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