Zakharchenko's sister and father brought 8.5 billion rubles in apartment  

Zakharchenko's sister and father brought 8.5 billion rubles in apartment

Irina Razgunova and Viktor Zakharchenko spent almost a week on the tons of currency transportation on the 11th floor.

The video, which shows how Zakharchenko's father and Razgunova brought in huge trunks into the 11th floor apartment of a building at the Lomonosov Avenue, turned out on hand of ICR investigators and the FSB, Life reported.

The investigation believes that in these trunks there were $123 million and €2 million, which were later found and seized by the FSB. Trunks on the video are identified with those, in which the currency kept.

The recording from a surveillance camera has been made a few days before Zakharchenko's detention. The edition noted that FSB operatives confiscated videos, when they found money in the Razgunova's apartment.


Photo: Money, found in the apartment of Irina Razgunova

In connection with new circumstances of the case, investigators intend to question Zakharchenko's father and sister soon.

Meanwhile, according to Moskovsky Komsomolets, the half-sister of Dmitry Zakharchenko Irina Razgunova is currently abroad. Earlier, she replied on investigators questions that she did not know anything about money and has never seen them in her apartment.


Photo: the Dominion Residential Complex on Lomonosovsky Avenue, where the money was found

Meanwhile, her brother, the former Acting Head of the Department T GUEBiPK, Dmitry Zakharchenko is placed in Lefortovo pre-trial detention center in connection with charges of Obstruction of Carrying out of Justice and of Preliminary Investigations (Article 294), Abuse of Official Powers (Article 285) and Bribe-Taking (Article 290).



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