Zakharchenko's relatives go to Southern Russia leaving property in Moscow  

Zakharchenko's relatives go to Southern Russia leaving property in Moscow
Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko

The investigators believe that all the property belonging to Dmitry Zakharchenko's parents, wife and sister was acquired with the money he received due to corruption corruptly in the police.

Relatives of former Deputy Head of the Department T of the MIA General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption Dmitry Zakharchenko moved to the Rostov region and the Krasnodar Krai to wait for the scandal to hush. Life reports this with reference to a source in the special services.

Immediately after the detention of Colonel Zakharchenko his father Viktor Zakharchenko left Moscow for his hometown in the Rostov region. Initially he bought tickets for the train on the day of his arrest - September 8, but he left the capital only on September 10, 2016. In October already he bought a house in Veselovsky farm in Chertkovsky district.

Дом Виктора Захарченко в Ростовской области

House of Viktor Zakharchenko in the Rostov region

An apartment worth 400 million rubles ($6m) in capital's residential compound Barkli Plaza with an area of ​​160 square meters is registered on Viktor Zakharchekno. Officially the parents of the ex-policeman are divorced and therefore live separately.

ЖК Barkli Plaza

Residential compound Barkli Plaza

Mother Valentina Zakharchenko now settled down in a chic three-story brick mansion of her daughter Irina Razgonova in Rostov-on-Don, its area is 594 square meters and it costs about 25 million rubles ($423 thousand). She owns a three-room apartment in Shuvalovsky residential building on Michurinskoye avenue with an area of ​​73 square meters and worth about 50 million rubles ($847 thousand).

ЖК «Шуваловский»

Shuvalovsky residential building

In this very house there is an elite apartment belonging to ex-governor of Sakhalin Alexander Horoshavin. Former director of the department of state contracts audit of the Ministry of Defense Dmitry Nedobor, who was detained for a bribe of 6 million rubles ($101 thousand) has real estate here as well. 

Irina Razgonova, according to the source, left an apartment in Moscow in residential compound Dominion. 

ЖК «Доминион»

Residential compound Dominion 

It is in Dominion apartment on Lomonosov Avenue for 85 million rubles ($1m) that colossal money was found, and the origin of it has not been established yet. Former teacher Razgonova and her husband do not officially work, and sometimes they earn by repairing apartments. At the same time they have a SUV Mercedes GLS500 for 9 million rubles ($152 thousand), a Lexus GX460 SUV for 5 million ($84 thousand), and a Hyundai car.

In total five houses are registered for the parents and sister of Zakharchenko in the Rostov region. Two of them are located in the regional center, and three houses are in native village of Colonel Zakharchenko in the suburb of Rostov, and they belong to his mother, sister and father.

Former civil wife of Colonel Marina and their eight-year-old daughter Ulyana left to live in Sochi. There they rented a house in the area of ​​Rosa Khutor. From there she sometimes travels to Moscow and Rostov-on-Don.

ЖК «Пирамида»

Residential compound Piramida

In the capital she left a three-room apartment in Piramida complex with an area of ​​73 square meters and worth about 30 million rubles ($508 thousand). In addition, the former wife of the colonel has two lots in cluster house community Alekseevka-2, the total cost of which is about 10 million rubles ($169 thousand). A Porsche Cayenne Hybrid for 4 million rubles (67 thousand) and Mercedes ML for 3 million rubles ($50 thousand) are also registered on her. Mercedes ML for 4 million rubles ($67 thousand) is issued for father Dmitry Zakharchenko, but the ex-policeman himself drove it.

ЖК «Имперский дом»

Impersky Dom residential complex 

In Moscow he also has a 5-room apartment with an area of ​​160 square meters in Impersky Dom complex, worth about 250 million rubles ($4m). Until recently Dmitry Zakharchenko lived in this apartment, but it is recorded for 8-year-old daughter Ulyana.

According to the investigators, all this property was purchased with money of Dmitry Zakharchenko received in a corrupt way.

MIA Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko was detained during a special operation of the FSB on September, 8. Over 8.5 billion rubles ($144m) in various currencies were discovered and seized during searches in his car and apartment (according to documents both do not belong to him). Zakharchenko still denies any relation to the money. According to investigators, this may be part of the money withdrawn from Nota Bank.

Charges not related to this money were brought against the ex-policeman. He is accused of three articles: Bribe-Taking (Art. 290 of the Criminal Code), Abuse of Official Powers (Art. 285 of the Criminal Code) and Obstruction of Justice (Art. 294 of the Criminal Code).

According to the case materials, Zakharchenko received a bribe from businessman Anatoly Pshegornitsky, helped defendant of the case of bribes Renova Mikhail Slobodin and key witness in the case of a shootout in Rochdelskaya Street Fatima Misikova to escape from the investigation. In addition, he is suspected of helping the management of Nota-Bank in the withdrawal of 26 billion rubles ($440m).



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