Zakharchenko’s record beaten. $185 million seized from colonel of Federal Security Service Cherkalin

Zakharchenko’s record beaten. $185 million seized from colonel of Federal Security Service Cherkalin
Zakharchenko’s record is hit

The money was found in 3 apartments.

Details emerged in a high-profile case against a head of the banking department of ‘K’ directorate of Russia’s Federal Security Service Kirill Cherkalin. Rosbalt reports - with reference to sources - that 12 billion rubles was seized from the colonel. This amount hits the record of colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko by 3 billion.

The source says the searches were carried out in 3 apartments. Other details are unknown.

“We assume that 12 billion rubles ($185 million) had been received for common protection from representatives of commercial structures: first and foremost - from heads of banks,” the portal’s source noted.

Cherkalin might have taken money from head of 3 banks - including representatives of Trust bank (in March, 2018, placed under resolution), and Yugra (in summer, 2018, deprived of its license).

With that, according to an official theory, the amount of bribes Cherkalin had received is less. CrimeRussia earlier reported that the investigation theory was that from October, 2018 up to February, 2015, he received - through an intermediary (a certain businessman) - $850 thousand - for commitment action and non-action in support of the bribe-giver and a commercial structure, as well as for common protection.”

Criminal case against the head of ‘K’ directorate was initiated upon the application of the businessman on April 23, 2019. In 2 days, Cherkalin was detained by his colleagues from Russia’s Federal Security Service, and then arrested.

His defense team tried to appeal against his arrest and stated it had been illegal. But Moscow regional military court left the accused in custody.

Interestingly, it was almost at the same time with Cherkalin when 2 former employees of the same department were arrested - Dmitry Frolov (Cherkalin’s predecessor who had been fired from the Federal Security Service under compromising basis) and Andrey Vasiliev.

But here’s a thing - Frolov and Vasiliev - unlike Cherkalin - are accused of swindling (article 159 of Russia’s Criminal Code). Their case is being investigated by the main office of the Investigative Committee of Russia. Military investigators are working on Cherkalin’s case. It is unknown so far if these 2 cases are tied to each other.



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