Zakharchenko’s lawyers require running blood tests for psychotropic drugs

Zakharchenko’s lawyers require running blood tests for psychotropic drugs
Dmitry Zakharchenko

Colonel’s relatives and lawyers are concerned about strange symptoms that are similar to the MIA General Boris Kolesnikov’s condition before he committed suicide in the Investigation Committee building.

The former Acting Head of the Russian MIA Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption Department T Dmitry Zakharchenko, who is in Lefortovo pre-trial detention center, began complaining on unwellness.

In particular, Zakharchenko’s lawyers talk about some strange symptoms, which give reason to believe that their client’s body is affected by the injection of (possibly with water, food, or under the guise of medical drugs) chemicals.

Zakharchenko’s lawyers and relatives addressed in the Russian Federal Service for Execution of Punishment (FSIN) and the Public Monitoring Commission with a request to obtain blood samples of the detained for an independent investigation to check whether there are traces of narcotics and psychotropic substances in the Colonel’s body.

"In recent days, there’s something strange going with Dmitry. He complains on palpitations, tremor of extremities, shortness of breath, headache. And all these symptoms increase. During the meeting, I personally noticed that that something was wrong with him," the lawyer Yuri Novikov said.

Source of the MK in the security services suggested that Zakharchenko could previously use drugs and are now his addiction can be show itself in this way. But the same thing was also said, at the time, about the General Boris Kolesnikov (the former Deputy of Denis Sugrobov, who was the Chief of the same agency and was arrested with him for a bribe, and the creation of the OCG in 2014), who lost his memory in Lefortovo and fell down from the window sill, the newspaper notes.

It is possible that Zakharchenko’s lawyers decided to use the story of another famous Lefortovo prisoner, the Colonel Maksimenko.

It is to be recalled that a week ago, the detention facility was visited by the members of the Public Monitoring Commission. The ICR General Denis Nikandrov arrested on charges of taking bribes from the mafia boss Shakro Molodoy told them that in relation to the other defendant in the case, Mikhail Maksimenko, the FSB used potent psychotropic drugs. Having been in Maksimenko’s cell, the PMC members were convinced that he looks depressed and feels bad, and has lost weight: 15 kg within the recent weeks.

In this regard, the human rights activists demanded to immediately hospitalize the arrested and conduct a survey to trace the use of psychotropic drugs.

The FSIN assured that security measures taken in relation to the defendants in the given criminal cases are unprecedented. Prisoners are cherished, "among other things, from themselves."

Meanwhile, the former ICR investigator for particularly important cases Andrey Grivtsov commenting on the situation said that even if the prisoners use psychoactive substances (which he in his practice had never seen), it will almost impossible to prove it. As a first step, Zakharchenko’s lawyers will have to write a petition for an independent examination to the administration of the detention facility and to the investigator is responsible for the case. Because, according to the law, even in order to invite an independent medical specialist to the prisoner’s cell, one needs permission from the investigator. In addition, the petition with a high degree of probability can be not satisfied.

The MIA Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko is under investigation on charges of abuse of power, obstruction of the preliminary investigation and taking bribes on a large scale. At the apartment of Zakharchenko’s sister 8.5 billion rubles in foreign currency were found and seized.

The three senior ICR officers – the Head of the Interagency Cooperation and Private Security Mikhail Maksimenko, his Deputy Alexander Lamonov and the Deputy Head of the ICR Main Directorate in Moscow Denis Nikandrov – for a bribe of $ 1 million tried to soften measure of restraint and as a result to release one of the closest assistants of the kingpin Shakro Molodoy, Andrey Kochuykov, but were detained by the FSB.



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