Zakharchenko's case: Laushkin ashamed for illegal shenanigans

Zakharchenko's case: Laushkin ashamed for illegal shenanigans
Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko

Defendants of the case of the MIA colonel told how they had agreed on a bribe of $5 million.⁠

Major General of the MIA Alexey Laushkin admitted that he was negotiating with Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko on behalf of the owner of La Maree restaurant, Mekhdi Duss. In his testimony during the interrogation as a witness, he reported that he had received 800 thousand dollars from the entrepreneur and handed them over to FSB Colonel Dmitry Senin, so that he gave them to Zakharchenko. The general notes that he was ashamed, because he understood that "he did not take part in absolutely legal actions", RIA Novosti reports.

Mekhdi Duss started to have problems in 2013, when employees of the MIA GUEBiPK conducted checks of cargoes with seafood of his company at Sheremetyevo airport. As a result, the customs significantly increased the release of cargo timeframes for further processing, which led to the spoilage of seafood, Duss said during interrogation. Then the restaurateur asked his friend General Alexey Laushkin to introduce him to Dmitry Zakharchenko. In addition, the General called the Deputy Head of the Central Board and asked why questions had arisen to La Maree, and went to a meeting with Felix Vasilkov, Deputy Head of the GUEBiPK.

"Vasilkov was very unfriendly to my visit, he was very closed for communication, and only said that La Maree had a lot of problems with the law and that his subordinates were really checking the company", explained Laushkin. There he met Dmitry Zakharchenko, who told that he had needed to turn to him.

Soon Laushkin gave the phone number of the Colonel to Duss and the latter invited Zakharchenko to a meeting in the restaurant. From the testimony of the businessman it follows that he asked the colonel what the questions that arose to his company were associated with.

"Zakharchenko smiled at me, pointed to the tablecloth spread on the table and asked what color it was. I confidently replied that it was white. Zakharchenko, still smiling, said that the tablecloth was gray – it all depends on who and how will look or check", - said the owner of the restaurant. He also noted that Zakharchenko threatened him that negative information about the company would appear in the media. Then Duss asked to "do without all this", and the policeman replied that Laushkin would tell him everything.

Later Laushkin told Duss that to resolve the entire issue of La Maree it was necessary to transfer $5 million. Such a price did not suit the restaurateur, and he began to bargain. As a result, the sum was reduced to 800 thousand dollars. Duss took a loan in cash and passed through his driver a ‘bulky package’ with a bundle of money to the General, which he put in the trunk of his official BMW.

The next day Laushkin received a phone call from FSB officer Dmitry Senin, with whom he had met earlier, and was offered to meet. Senin was in charge of the GUEBiPK in the line of the FSB, and there was a close relationship between them. He met with Senin at Luzhnetskaya embankment in Moscow. The General handed him a bag of money from Duss, after which Senin put it in the salon of his car and immediately left.

"I have repeatedly discussed this situation with Duss. In the end, we came to the conclusion about the need to inform the ICR of the above information about the role of each of us", the General told investigators.

It is not reported when the interrogation of witnesses took place. It should be noted that at present the location of the ex-Head of Rosgvardia department of the Moscow region and Deputy Head of the MIA State Security Service Alexey Laushkin is unknown. Colonel of the FSB Dmitry Senin was put on the wanted list. Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko denies that he received 800 thousand dollars from Mekhdi Duss.



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