Zakharchenko’s billions were found because of Nota-Bank top manager’s tapping mission

Zakharchenko’s billions were found because of Nota-Bank top manager’s tapping mission
Dmitry Zakharchenko Photo: RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov

During searches of the Deputy Head of the Department T it was looking only for 35 million rubles from the banker Galina Marchukova.

It was possible to get off at the Colonel of the Department T of the General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption (GUEBiPK) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko during the analysis of phone calls of the Director of the Nota-Bank Department of Financial Analysis Galina Marchukova. According to Life, citing sources, operatives of the FSB Department M has learned since 2015 that the police intervened in disputes between businessmen. Investigating the criminal case of theft in the Nota-bank, investigators wiretapped phone conversations of Marchukova. Then it turned out that Zakhachenko warned that operational activities were carried out with respect to the top manager. And for 35 million rubles the Police Colonel promised to help his friend. When Zakharchenko received the money, the Russian FSB operatives had come to look for them on possible locations of the Deputy Head of the Department T.

However, instead of 35 million rubles, in the apartment of the policeman’s sister it was found 120 million dollars and 2 million rubles in cash. And in the office and the car it was found 170 thousand dollars and 5 million euros.

Recall that the banking license of the Nota-Bank was revoked by the Bank of Russia on November 24, 2015. A month before the interim administration was appointed to the credit institution. According to the Central Bank, the difference in the bank's liabilities to depositors over all of its assets amounted to 26 billion rubles.

According to investigators, Marchukova participated in the theft of money from the bank. As part of the investigation of the case in August 2016, she was arrested along with the co-owners Dmitry and Vadim Erokhin. Part of the funds was withdrawn from the bank and was found in Zakharchenko - the equivalent of almost 9 billion rubles.

September 10th, Lefortovo District Court arrested Zakharchenko for two months. September 12th, the Tverskoy district court extended Galina Marchukova’s detention until 18 November.



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