Zakharchenko's accomplice General Laushkin fired from Rosgvardia

Zakharchenko's accomplice General Laushkin fired from Rosgvardia
Major General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexey Laushkin

It is assumed that Major General Alexey Laushkin could act as an intermediary in the transfer of $800 thousand to Zakharchenko by restaurateur Alexander Duss.

Major General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexey Laushkin was fired from the ranks of Rosgvardia, the press service of the Central District of the Federal Service of National Guard troops said on Wednesday, May 17. The service specified that earlier Laushkin was the Head of the Rosgvardia department in the Moscow region. But he was removed from this post and dismissed from Rosgvardia.

Earlier, the name of a high-ranking police officer was heard at a hearing in the Moscow City Court during the examination of the case of MIA ex-Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko.

According to lawyer of the former Deputy Head of the Interior Ministry's Anti-Corruption Department Alexander Gorbatenko, the investigation charged his client with a bribe of $800.000 from Moscow restaurateur Alexander Duss. According to investigators, Major-General Laushkin and Colonel FSB Dmitry Senin helped to transfer the money.

The latter, by the way, is Dmitry Zakharchenko's brother-in-law. Now a special services officer is put on the wanted list. As the media wrote, he arbitrarily left the place of service at the end of April and was recognized as a deserter. According to some reports, Senin is hiding abroad.

We add that Dmitry Zakharchenko is charged with three articles: bribe- taking, abusing official powers and obstructing the implementation of justice. In the autumn of last year, the former Colonel was placed into custody. During the investigation, searches were conducted in the apartments and in the workplace of the policeman, as a result of which law enforcement officers seized a total of 9 billion rubles ($158m).

The origin of this money Zakharchenko could not explain. As a result of the official check, the officer was dismissed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.



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