Zakharchenko’s 8-year-old daughter owns apartment worth 250 million rubles 

Zakharchenko’s 8-year-old daughter owns apartment worth 250 million rubles

The investigating authorities are actively working on the case of the arrested Dmitry Zakharchenko, the Acting Head of the Department T of the the Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption, finding new traces of his financial crimes every day.

Today information surfaced that a few years ago the Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko bought a luxurious four-bedroom apartment of 170 square meters in Imperial House elite residential complex of Yakimanka district.

The elite apartment cost him 250 million rubles. Although during the past year Zakharchenko constantly lived in this apartment, officially it does not belong to him. After divorcing his wife, the Colonel transferred the Imperial House apartment title to his eight-year-old daughter.

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Imperial House Residential Complex in Yakimanka

Currently, the girl is living with her mother in the south-west of the capital, at a similarly luxurious apartment.

According to, the fact that a minor is the property's owner makes it impossible to arrest, at least until the girl is 18 years old.

The website states that currently the apartment is the only the Colonel's real estate that may not be arrested after all.

As previously reported, Zakharchenko family also owns a three-bedroom apartment worth 85 million rubles located in Dominion elite residential complex on Lomonosovsky Avenue, which, according to, Zakharchenko family acquired specifically to store money in it.


Dominion Residential Complex on Lomonosovsky Avenue  

On paper it belongs to colonel's sister. The 143-meter renovated apartment was empty, the owners hardly ever turned up and when they did, they would leave at once, neighbors said. One of the rooms has been converted into a safe with a digital security lock on the door.

Not far from the storage, in Shuvalovsky residential complex on Michurinsky Avenue, there is another apartment belonging to Zakharchenko's mother – two bedrooms, ​​73 square meters. Dmitry Zakharchenko is living there on paper, but at the time of his arrest there were only his nephews living in the apartment.


Shuvalovsky Residential Complex on Michurinsky Avenue

You may remember that the search in the apartment belonging to the Colonel Zakharchenko's sister, as well as in his car and his office, resulted in finding 8.5 billion rubles. Besides, the investigation has information about 300 million euros on Swiss bank accounts opened in the name of Zakharchenko's father.

The MIA Colonel has been under arrest since September 10, as ruled by the Presnensky court of Moscow. The investigation charged him under three articles of the Criminal Code - Obstruction of Carrying out of Justice and of Preliminary Investigations (Article 294), Abuse of Official Powers (Article 285) and Bribe-Taking (Article 290).



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