Zakharchenko on non-involvement in bribe-taking from restaurateur 

Zakharchenko on non-involvement in bribe-taking from restaurateur
MIA Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko Photo: Kommersant

The Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs refers to the testimony of General Laushkin, which are allegedly in the materials of the criminal case.

Dmitry Zakharchenko, the former Deputy Head of the Department T of the MIA GUEBiPK, said that he did not receive a bribe from restaurateur Mekhdi Duss. According to him, the money was intended for another silovik, who is now on the run, his relative, FSB Colonel Dmitry Senin. Speaking in court at a hearing on the extension of the period of detention, Zakharchenko claimed that the materials of the criminal case had testimony of Major General of the MIA Alexey Laushkin, in which he confesses to investigators that he was negotiating a bribe of 800 thousand dollars from Mekhdi Duss. Laushkin's money was passed not to Zakharchenko, but to Dmitry Senin.

"If I knew that Laushkin had received $800.000 from someone, I would have received him myself. But now the Major General, who confesses that he was negotiating corruption with Senin, is a witness in the case, while I am a defendant!", Zakharchenko said in court.

Генерал-майор МВД Алексей Лаушкин

Major General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexey Laushkin

When exactly Laushkin managed to give testimony to the investigators, the colonel did not specify. After all, the whereabouts of Alexey Laushkin, the ex-Head of Rosgvardia department in the Moscow region and the Deputy Head of the MIA non-departmental security forces is unknown. A few days ago General Laushkin was put on operational wanted list. A well-informed source of The CrimeRussia believes that the General could leave for Georgia, since the wife of Laushkin, who owns several markets in Moscow, has Georgian citizenship.

Dmitry Zakharchenko is charged with three episodes of bribe-taking. Immediately after his arrest the investigation announced that the colonel received 7 million rubles ($123.7 thousand) from former head and co-owner of company Rusinzhiniring Anatoly Pshegornitsky for "common patronage". Then 800 thousand dollars appeared from owner of Moscow restaurant La Maree Mekhdi Duss. Intermediaries in the transfer of the money, according to investigators, was Dmitry Senin, the driver of his wife Viktor Klushenkov, whom the court arrested yesterday till early September, and General Alexey Laushkin. The third bribe, according to the investigation, Zakharchenko received in the form of a discount card for 3.5 million rubles ($61.8 thousand) from Duss as well.

Мехди Дусс

Owner of Moscow restaurant La Maree Mekhdi Duss

Dmitry Zakharchenko himself still denies all bribes pinned on him. Concerning the episode of bribe-taking from Duss yesterday Zakharchenko stated in court that the restaurateur had slandered him out of personal dislike.



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