Yuzhno-Kurilsk Mayor arrested for abuse of official powers

Yuzhno-Kurilsk Mayor arrested for abuse of official powers
Vasily Solomko

The richest Sakhalin Mayor Vasily Solomko is suspected of causing damage to the state in the amount of 136 million rubles.

The Head of the Yuzhno-Kurilsk urban settlement Vasily Solomko was arrested within a criminal case initiated under part 2 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (Exceeding Official Powers by the Head of the local Government), according to TASS.

As ICR investigators told, now the question of his detention is solving, moreover, all circumstances of the case are being established. Earlier, according to astv.ru, the workplace of the Mayor and his apartment were searched, some documents were seized.

According to law enforcement officers, in the implementation of the municipal program for providing housing to residents of the district for 2014-2020 Solomko signed a contract with local investment and construction group Bigsan to acquire 104 apartments in the small town of the Kunashir Island. The transaction value exceeded 454 million rubles.

Under the agreement the Yuzhno-Kurilsky city district shall transfer the company Bigsan an advance payment - 30% of the contract price - after the completion of the first phase of construction. As investigators have found, the suspect entered into an additional agreement with seller of the apartments, which provided for a prepayment without performing the aforementioned contractual requirement. So, to the account of Bigsana it was illegally transferred 136 million rubles of budgetary funds. At the same time, the housing construction has not been started, although the term of the contract is ended in March 2016.

In addition, the regional Prosecutor's Office sent a claim to the Arbitration Court of the Sakhalin region to invalidate the additional agreement with the company Bigsan and recover illegally transferred budget funds.

Vasily Solomko was appointed the Head of the municipal settlement Yuzhno-Kurilsky city district in 2009, he was the Chairman of the Assembly of the municipality Yuzhno-Kurilsky city district after the elections of 2013. More than 20 years he served in the Internal Affairs bodies of the Sakhalin region. He was awarded the Order of Courage.

According to the declaration of income, Solomko has become the highest paid Mayor in the region for many years.



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