Yugra: Vice-Governor’s assistant arrested for taking bribes

Yugra: Vice-Governor’s assistant arrested for taking bribes
Natalya Komarova

Two public officials working at the Department for the District Economic Development for the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous district were arrested for taking bribes.

They are accused of corruption and bribe-taking. The employees took money from entrepreneurs for helping to deal with state agencies, according to the police. It is possible the two employees may have been supported by high-ranking officials who could take their cut of the arrestees’ illegal income, the police said. It may be someone from the Department.

New details about corrupt practices of the department keep emerging. For example, three new instances of bribe taking were discovered in the Licensing Supervision Division. The police arrested 2 public officials: Chief Specialist Expert of the City of Surgut Arm of the Division Alina Oskolovich and the Division Advisor Maksim Silaev. The latter is the Department Head and Deputy Governor for Economic Issues Pavel Sidorov’s personal assistant.

The arrestees took 400,000 rubles from representative of the Logistika I Komplektatsiya Company Volsky S. L. in 2015, according to investigators. They promised helping the entrepreneur acquire a license for collection and sale of non-ferrous and ferrous metals in exchange. The arrestees took 750,000 and 300,000 rubles from other entrepreneurs. They illegally took more than 8 million rubles, according to the police estimates.

Some of those who had been arrested in the framework of the case earlier began testifying against each other, according to regional media. New violations were discovered and new suspects were found, according to the Office of Investigation of the District Department of the Russian Investigative Committee. The police did not disclose names of suspected public officials.

“We continue working on discovering new violations committed by the suspects. The Investigative Committee investigators and employees of the District Department of the Russian MIA are investigating the case. The investigation is under control of the Investigative Committee Administration,” Senior Public Affairs Assistant of the Head of the District Department of the Investigative Committee Alina Nikiforova commented.

The Department Head Pavel Sidorov confirmed his subordinates had been arrested but asked not to jump to conclusions and said he hopes Silaev and Oskolovich will be found innocent.

The District Governor Natalia Komarova also got involved with the situation. She said involved public agencies are helping the investigators.

May we remind you that 3 Department employees suspected of taking bribes – the Division Deputy Head Sergey Aksenov and his subordinates Denis Juravlev and Artem Isaev – were arrested last September.



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