Yekaterinburg FSB detains lawyer suspected of $103.800-bribery

Yekaterinburg FSB detains lawyer suspected of $103.800-bribery
Boris Iskandaryan, a lawyer Photo: Facebook

Boris Iskandaryan tried to settle with the detectives of the city Police Station #6. He wanted them to stop prosecuting two young adults detained for drug distribution.

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in the Sverdlovsk region detained Boris Iskanderyan, an attorney, on October 29, while he was trying to give a bribe of 6 million rubles ($103.800) to Malkhaz Germanov, head of the investigation department of the Yekaterinburg MIA, reported. According to the newspaper, Iskanderyan wanted the detectives to stop prosecuting a man and a woman detained for drug distribution.

The FSB and the ICR in the Sverdlovsk region also questioned Germanov in the case. reported citing its sources that the policeman had been detained, but the press service of the local department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs declared the information untrue. According to, there have been no complaints against the head of the department. also reported that Iskanderyan’s case file mentioned a Yekaterinburg lawyer Lyudmila Tolochko, who is currently representing Yevgeny Dorinsky, the former commercial director of Vtortsvetmet, Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company. Tolochko stated that she knew nothing about Iskandaryan's detention or the charges against him.

Boris Iskandaryan usually represents those persecuted for drug distribution.

In 2015, Iskanderyan’s place was searched, and the investigators found audio and video recordings of prisoners being tortured in Yekaterinburg correctional colony #2. Following this, colony deputy head Mikhail Belousov resigned. He was detained in May 2016 on charges of power abuse and torturing. October 18 reports claimed the prosecutor's office had asked for an 8-year imprisonment of Belousov.



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