Yekaterinburg district police officer avoids punishment after knocking down pedestrian

Yekaterinburg district police officer avoids punishment after knocking down pedestrian
Alexey Koryukin

Another driver was found guilty in the criminal case; he appealed the verdict to the Supreme Court.

A resident of Yekaterinburg, Rinat Salikhyanov, who was sentenced to a year and a half of restriction of liberty for an accident with an injured pedestrian, appealed to the Supreme Court to cancel the decision of the district court. According to his lawyer, the DVR recorded that district police officer Alexey Koryukin did not cope with the control being at the wheel of the Lada Priora and knocked down a man breaking his legs, reports.

The accident occurred on November 10, 2016. Salikhyanov drove out of the yard, missed one car and drove onto the road without noticing the Lada. In that place, the workers of Vodokanal carried out repair work. Priora pressed one of the workers into the scoop, moving away from a collision with the Volvo.

According to Salikhyanov, Koryukin’s colleagues said that he could have avoided punishment if there were signs of a collision with a Volvo on his car. “And five days later he found scratches on the door - he declared that my car hit his one, so he knocked a man down,” Salikhyanov said.

Salikhyanov's guilt was recognized by examination. According to the accused, it was conducted by expert Konstantin Staroselsky, who helped the grandson of a famous lawyer to avoid punishment for an accident with the death of three people.

In March 2018, a district court found Salikhyanov guilty. In addition to restricting freedom, the accused was deprived of his driving license and also obliged to pay about 330 thousand rubles to the injured worker. In June 2018, the regional court confirmed the legality of the sentence, and the presidium refused to consider the appeal.



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