Yamal traffic policemen give criminal cover to illegal carriers

Yamal traffic policemen give criminal cover to illegal carriers
The inspectors have already been suspended from duty

Six police officers are suspected of accepting bribes from businessmen.

Traffic police inspectors of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District are allegedly involved in protection racket of businessmen dealing with oversized cargo transportation.

According to the local ICR Investigation Department, six traffic police officers of three municipal districts (Purovsky, Nadymsky and Tazovsky) got regular bribes from businessmen throughout the year 2016. In return for the money (the amount is to be specified) the officers ignored violations the carriers committed. For instance, the inspectors did not penalize the drivers for carriage without proper documents.

Yamalo-Nenets ICR Department for Investigation of Particularly Important Cases initiated a criminal case under part 3 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code (Bribe-Taking).

The inspectors have been suspended from duty. The local Ministry of Internal Affairs made it clear that if the officers are proved guilty, they will be dismissed from the police department and their supervisors will be held accountable.

Meanwhile, investigators are revealing more criminal incidents and establishing possible accomplices among other traffic police officers.



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