Yakutsk vice-mayor caught on bribe-taking returned to remand facility

Yakutsk vice-mayor caught on bribe-taking returned to remand facility
Vasily Gogolev

The Supreme Court of the republic canceled the mitigation of the preventive measure against the official.

The Supreme Court of Yakutia ruled to overturn the decision of Yakutsk City Court, which had earlier commuted the measure of restraint against the Yakutsk Vice-Mayor Vasily Gogolev, accused of corruption.

The official was released under house arrest from a pre-trial detention center, but now he will have to return to the remand facility.

As previously reported, the investigation accuses Gogolev of receiving a bribe on an especially large scale - 114 million rubles ($1.7 m), his alleged accomplices - businessman Georgy Karamzin and Tatyana Samsonova are accused of mediation in the crime.

Karamzin was also released under house arrest, but the Supreme Court decided to return him to jail.

According to the investigation, the vice mayor, who oversaw the capital construction in Yakutsk, received a bribe from Stroy-Akademiya, constructing an apartment building, in the form of rights to 1491 sq. m in this house for issuing permits to increase the number of storeys and deviate from the limit parameters during construction. The funds were transferred to the Utum-Invest construction company established by him.

Gogolev’s defense said they would submit a cassation to the Presidium of the Supreme Court of Yakutia.



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