Yakutia businessman detained for attempting to bribe minister

Yakutia businessman detained for attempting to bribe minister
Mikhail Fedorov (center)

The entrepreneur tried to agree on lucrative contracts for his company.

Director General of Yakutskaya Yarmarka Mikhail Fedorov was detained when transferring a bribe to Minister of Business and Tourism of the region, Irina Vysokikh. FSB officers conducted the special operation on January 20.

According to KP, the businessman was detained red-handed in the hotel complex Polyarnaya Zvezda in the capital of the Republic. The entrepreneur was cultivated after Vysokikh contacted law enforcement bodies after receiving an explicit offer of cooperation from him. All further meetings, up to the moment of transferring of the bribe, were held under the control of the security services.

In particular, Fedorov promised to pay for the minister’s patronage when concluding state contracts, including for the organization and holding of the annual exhibition Business Expo.

In addition, Fedorov offered Irina Vysokikh 7% of the activities of tourist facilities, which would be transferred to Yakutskaya Yarmarka with her help.

According to operatives, Fedorov behaved like “the sole owner of the republican enterprise, as if Yakutskaya Yarmarka was his personal business.” He confidently offered a bribe to Vysokikh, not doubting that she would agree. The man insisted that he “had experience in such matters.”

Yakutskaya Yarmarka JSC was established in April 2014. The owner of 100% of the company’s shares is the Ministry of Property and Land Relations of Yakutia.



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