Witnesses reveal ex-Senator Samoylov’s losses in Gaizer trial

Witnesses reveal ex-Senator Samoylov’s losses in Gaizer trial
Evgeny Samoylov

The managers working for the former parliamentarian confirmed that he was deep in debt.

Another trial in the case of ex-Head of the Komi republic Vyacheslav Gaizer’s OCG has been held in the Zamoskvoretsky Court of Moscow. During the trial, two witnesses testified – Petr Ostroumov, who used to work as asset manager of ex-Senator Evgeny Samoylov, and ex-Director of SLDK management company (previously owned by Samoylov), Roman Volokhov.

According to Ostroumov’s testimony, he met Samoylov in 2009, when the latter required an expert on the conduct of bankruptcy proceedings of one of his companies, Baltiysky Torgovy Dom. After the bankruptcy proceedings, their cooperation was over; however, in 2010, Samoylov asked for Ostroumov’s help again, offering him to act as consultant during the bankruptcy of a fiberboard plant in Emva. The ex-senator considered buying the assets of this enterprise after the bankruptcy.

According to Ostroumov, after the bankruptcy, the politician’s Tavrichesky bought the enterprise. In mid-2011, Samoylov once again requested Ostroumovу to help him and offered him to be a consultant in the bankruptcy of a group of companies Syktyvkarsky LDK, which was then run by businessman Valery Veselov (crime lord from Ayvengo OCG). The scheme was repeated — after the proceedings, Tavrichesky bought SLDK’s assets.

Ostroumov stressed that after this deal, the company’s businesses got a little better. Before that, the plant was managed remotely by Italian investors, which partly contributed to the onset of the crisis for the plant. Samoylov was able to redeem the 1-billion-ruble ($15.9 million) debt of SLDK to Sberbank.

Also, the witness said that that the transition of Aleksandr Burov, who was deputy head of the regional branch of Sberbank, to the government of Komi raised some questions — it looked as if it had been done to protect Veselov and SLDK.

Also, Samoylov’s share in Avalon Hotel was mentioned. The prosecutor asked Ostroumov whether the ex-senator voluntarily gave up his share on the debt receipt, to which the witness replied that he was well aware that Samoylov had some relations with the regional authorities in the period from 2012 to 2015, and that the situation was hard for Samoylov.

Ostroumov also stressed that the former politician was a big drinker, and he did not know whether the situation was the cause or the consequence. Now the witness continues to work as a bankruptcy manager in Samoylov's projects, but, according to him, the latter is not his direct employer.

In turn, Volokhov said that Taras Selivanov joined SLDK at some point; according to witnesses, it was Romadanov’s man, “who will sit on the current account.” The witness could not tell the details of the transfer of SLDK employees to work in different legal entities, but said that if there were problems with salary, the employees immediately went to court and received execution papers — for example, when the delay in salary was two weeks.

Volokhov noted that Samoylov was always deep in debt. In the testimony he gave during the investigation, he also said that it seemed to him that Samoylov did not know how to run a business and would buy assets in the Republic of Komi above their market value.

At the end of the meeting, prosecutors read out the search record in the country house and apartment of the former Komi head. According to the record, a mobile phone, 30 watches of different brands, seven pairs of cufflinks, two badges, one keychain, and four tie clips were seized from Gaizer’s apartment.

Documents for ownership of real estate and some other assets were also seized. The investigators found a modem with a SIM card, USB drives, memory cards, and two gold bars weighing 50 and 5 grams in his son’s bedroom.

Various golden items, such as a ring and a chain with a stone, gold key chains, clips, a pendant, brooches, Swarovski products, three pairs of earrings, a watch, a ring, two bracelets, a rhombus pendant, and a cross were seized from Gaizer’s bedroom.

Also, four envelopes containing 850 thousand rubles ($13.557), 380 thousand rubles ($6061), 12 thousand euros, and 3668 yuan were mentioned in the record. In the safe in the pantry, law enforcers seized an award pistol presented to Gaizer by the director of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service.

To recall, there are several defendants in the Gaizer case — in particular; they are members of the government and the State Council of Komi. The investigation believes that the people accused created a crime community and committed crimes from December 2005 to September 2015. The main defendant in the case is an entrepreneur and former adviser to Torlopov, Aleksandr Zarubin. All members of the OCC are charged with bribery and illegal withdrawal of 100% shares of the Zelenetskaya poultry farm. The damage from this was estimated at 3 billion 346 million 500 thousand rubles ($53.4 million).

Two defendants of the Gaizer case died during the investigation and judicial proceedings. In 2016, the director of Metlizing, Anton Faershteyn, died in a pre-trial detention center. Aleksey Sokolov, who was the director general of Kompleksnoe Upravlenie Proektami (KUPRO) and the confidant of former Deputy Chairman of the Komi government Konstantin Romadanov, was run over by a car on May 7, 2018.



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