Within Metrostroy case, Lenenergo Deputy Director’s adviser was detained

Within Metrostroy case, Lenenergo Deputy Director’s adviser was detained

According to sources, at present, the issue of his arrest is being addressed.

The Lenenergo Deputy Director’s advisor Dmitry Ilchenko, who previously held the post of the Petrostroy Director, is arrested after the searches in the office of Metrostroy and in a country house of the CEO Vadim Alexandrov.

Previously, the CrimeRussia reported that the CEO of Metrostroy Vadim Alexandrov, his son Nicholay, as well as the former Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Transport Infrastructure Development Alexander Komissarov, the former Director and owner of the company Petrostroy Dmytry Ilchenko were taken to the Investigation Committee.

Fontanka reported that following the discussions with the investigators they were all released in the status of witnesses. However, the 34-year-old Ilchenko, who is currently working as an advisor of one of the Deputy Director of Lenenergo, was detained. Two sources in law enforcement reported the title about this. In the near future, the investigation intends to apply for Ilchenko’s arrest.

It is to be recalled that in May 2016, the employees of FSB Economic Security Service for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region searched the Directorate of Transport Construction of the Smolny over two state contracts of JSCo Metrostroy. They were related to the land development for construction of four underground stations. The detected backlogs were estimated at 120 million rubles. The contract exceeded 500 million rubles. Metrostroy emphasized that it always subcontracts the engineering development, and, in the case with the abovementioned contracts, some third party organization failed. It is to be noted that one of its subcontractors was Dmitry Ilchenko’s Petrostroy.

On August 9, the FSB officers detained the DTS employee. The businessman was giving more than 1 million rubles to the metro technical supervision sector engineer of the St. Petersburg Directorate of Transport Construction (DTS) Dmitry Uglov. He agreed on the detailed testimony and is cooperating with the investigation.

It is to be noted that Metrostroy is currently executing a government contract to build a stadium Zenit Arena.



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