Wife of MP with $80.600-income owns luxurious apartment worth $6.4m

Wife of MP with $80.600-income owns luxurious apartment worth $6.4m
The penthouse of the deputy's wife

The cost of the apartment is about 400 million rubles ($6.4m).

The Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) has published an investigation in which it claims that the wife of State Duma deputy Leonid Slutsky has a three-story penthouse in the Kutuzovskaya Riviera residential complex worth 400 million rubles. The developer of the complex was former owner of Mirax Group Sergey Polonsky.

At the trial in 2010, he claimed that he bribed former Deputy Mayor of Moscow Vladimir Resin. According to Polonsky, Slutsky was an intermediary in bribery, as he held the position of the adviser to Resin, Business FM pens.

Employees of FBK found declared on the full namesake of the MP's wife Lilia Dmitrievna Lyskova non-residential real estate in the complex Kutuzovskaya Riviera in the area of 561.7 square meters, which fully coincides with the space of the room in the declaration of Slutsky, designed for the spouse. According to the authors of the investigation, the penthouse consists of three apartments standing one above another, also at the disposal of the owners, there are two terraces with an area of 100 and 50 square meters.

Supporters of Alexey Navalny draw attention to the fact that in 2010 Lyskova reported income of 83.5 thousand rubles ($1300), last year - 223 thousand rubles ($3500), and the deputy earned about five million rubles ($80.600).

Also, FBK employee Georgy Alburov, who presented the investigation, said that Lyskova owns a Lexus, which does not mention in her declaration. But in 2017, she announced two cars: a Maybach worth 12 million rubles and a Bentley for 20 million rubles. Alburov emphasizes that this equals to Slutsky's four annual salaries.

Recall that earlier the FBK found an undeclared land plot of 1 hectare in Rublyovka. After the publication of the investigation, Slutsky included the plot into the income declaration.

Parliamentarian from LDPR party Leonid Slutsky bought scandalous fame with harassment to several journalists. However, the commission on ethics of the lower house of parliament did not find any violations in the conduct of the deputy.

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he "did not hear anything" about the accusations against Slutsky, but added that "cases" could not become a ground for "a campaign," as on the West.



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