Wife of ex-head of Interpol states someone tried to abduct her

Wife of ex-head of Interpol states someone tried to abduct her
Meng Hongwei

Grace Hongwei filed the application to court.

Wife of a former head of the International Criminal Police Organization Meng Hongwei - Grace - filed an application to French court with a complaint that someone tried to abduct her, reports TASS with reference to the Prosecution Service of Lyon where the Interpol headquaters is located.

The woman states that a crime group tried to abduct her. The complaint was made on February 26, 2019. Grace is intent to constitute herself as a civil claimant in the case. Interpol specified that the preliminary investigation had not been launched, so far. 

Earlier, in January, Meng Hongwei’s spouse stated her life was in danger and asked the authorities of France provide her with a political asylum. In her interview with Radio France, she said that she had been placed under the French shelter by the local police. 

Head of Interpol Meng Hongwei set off for China on September 29, 2018; in a week, he was detained on suspicion of violation of a law. China’s Ministry of Public Security stated that the former head of Interpol is being suspected of bribery and other crimes. It was after that when his spouse stated about the threats and assumed her husband is no longer alive.

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