“Who gives whom and how much”. Northern capital is waiting for the great ‘cleaning’ 

“Who gives whom and how much”. Northern capital is waiting for the great ‘cleaning’
Soon the list of defendants in loud criminal cases will increase Photo: The CrimeRussia

Already several months St. Petersburg is being shaken by scandals. Criminal cases of federal scale are being initiated. One by one, loud arrests of businessmen, law enforcement authorities and officials are following. The CrimeRussia’s insiders say that this is just a beginning – what the Federal Security Service (FSB) will do next will be much worse. The short list of the directions in which the available defendants will be ‘pressed upon’ and found, is not really big so far: construction, customs, law enforcement agencies, deputies and officials.

It was long ago known that there is a merging of business, officials and people to various shoulder straps. Today we have to deal not only with ‘merging’ any more, but with strong soldering of all above-mentioned ‘ingredients’. Sometimes the fourth criminal element is also being add to them − thanks to which corruption schemes become almost ideal. A real example of it − criminal case against former vice governor Marat Oganesyan. The CrimeRussia’s sources and just people who understand subtleties of criminal office-work are almost laughing at the mention of Marat Oganesyan and 50 million. It is clear to all that such sum at the total amount of a stolen property on construction of Zenit Arena – it is, as they say, both laughter and a sin. As we already wrote, security officers have a purely academic interest to Marat. Much more interesting scheme − "who pays to whom and how much". For this reason now around this business there are strange movements to release from under arrest and the subsequent immediate detention. Some sources of the CrimeRussia are inclined to consider that a situation which developed with one more defendant in the case over unprecedented embezzlements at construction of stadium − Vasily Slivkin, − is a competently played ‘theater’ with quite clear purpose. This purpose − psychological pressure upon the defendant.


Marat Oganesyan


Vasily Slivkin

It is no secret that Slivkin had the criminal case coming for long time. His detention as owner of the Stroyelektromontazh company was actually inevitable. As we already wrote, Marat Oganesyan even before his well-known appointment has been noticed in protection of interests of quite real ‘code-bound criminals’, and with his arrival to the power in St. Petersburg rigid expansion to the city of doubtful construction companies and extensive capture of big-budget state contracts have begun. Certainly, similar actions could not take place without protection of a certain layer of officials. This ‘thin layer’ also is an object of attention of staff of the FSB today. Among possible future defendants in the case over theft of funds at construction of Zenit Arena, there are first, officials from committee on construction, secondly, certain people from an environment of former governor of St. Petersburg − Valentina Matviyenko. Several businessmen can become passing figures in this story. In a world of commerce people are worried that the specified representatives of business will become ‘whipping boys’, and the real interested parties of embezzlements in federal scale will safely avoid punishment.


From 2004 to 2010 Marat Oganesyan ran Soglasiye Group which included several enterprises which were engaged in construction and information technologies. The most noticeable projects of the company − Moscow City trade hotel complex and reconstruction of buildings of the Moscow Kremlin. Then Marat Oganesyan ran Directorate on Construction, Reconstruction and Restoration Federal State Institution at Ministry of Culture. In 2011 he worked in Northwest directorate on construction, reconstruction and restoration. In 2013 Oganesyan held a post of the vice governor of St. Petersburg supervising questions of construction. Actually under his control there was a work of committee on construction, Transportation Infrastructure Development Committee (TIDC), State Inspectorate for the Preservation of Monuments (SIPM), committee on investments, Service of the state construction supervision and examination, and also the Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture. After scandal with a video from Bochka restaurant where ‘thieves’ meeting was broken, Oganesyan has left a post. Further he held a post of the vice-president of Russian Capital bank, supervised construction of facilities of the SU-155 company.

Good and customs

One more major direction in which ‘komitetchiks’ work − is illicit tracks in the Northwest Region and a drug traffic. As we wrote even last summer, the juicy scandals shaken the Northwest Department of Internal Affairs on transport. Changes, that started vigorously, alas, have ended together with sudden death of new chief of department Sergey Kostrykin. Today his duties are carried out by Elena Maltseva − the lady, certainly, tempted in professional intrigues, however, as they say, on long strategic games, alas, she is not capable. So still criminal story with deputy head Andrey Boyko has hung in mid-air.


From last year colonel Boyko is subject to close attention of service of own safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Northwestern Federal District. According to some information, in his relation the corresponding inspection has been already carried out and there were established facts of corruption communication between him and businessman Igor Havronov. That Igor Havronov, broker arrested not so long ago on the case of large smuggling connected with Turkish oligarch Dzhabrail Karaarslan. That Igor Havronov who used high protection in Head department on fight against smuggling of the Federal Tax Service (FTS) and service of economic security of FSB of the Russian Federation (Pavel Smolyarchuk and Vadim Uvarov's business). It should be noted that the customs case will just about be increased by several more defendants because of absolutely surprising scope of deliveries of smuggling. And besides transport police, FSB turned its fixed look also on Kingissepsky customs. According to the available data, the ‘spare’ line of smuggling is already traced and certain high-ranking ranks from North-Western Customs Administration already are ‘under a cap’ at investigators.

All this happened because Igor Havronov, after he gave testimonies against St. Petersburg oligarch Dmitry Mikhalchenko, considered that he guaranteed himself thus criminal inviolability. Sources say that even on detention he shouted that he almost has an indulgence from Office of Internal Security of the Federal Security Service of Russia and that the scheme of transportation of freights can not be stopped. So, according to our sources, top managers of Northwest Department of Internal Affairs on transport, North-Western Customs Administration Kingisepp customs, prosecutor's office of the Leningrad Region may become those ‘collateral’ persons involved in criminal case over smuggling as those several large businessmen who were arrested together with Havronov began to give testimonies practically at once.

“Meanwhile it is dinner in prison…”

Similar corruption story with construction is dramatically developed around cases of the new pre-trial detention center Kresty now. As we already wrote, ‘sword of Damocles’ of criminal prosecution has hung over Administration of Federal Penitentiary Service (AFPS) in 2015 when it became clear to all that financial opportunities are exhausted, money has disappeared, and the object is not completed. It is known that the ‘crusade’ against builders of Kresty has begun with the tragic death of lieutenant colonel of FPS Nikolay Chernov and the subsequent arrest of his chief, colonel Sergey Moyseenko. And head of the garage construction co-operative construction company − Victor Kudrin became the following in series of arrested. As we already wrote, at once after Moyseenko's arrest the businessman tried to get away accurately from the country and even packed a suitcase. However he did not manage to escape security officers.


Sergey Moyseenko

Today, as we know, he is accused of waste and large scale swindle: the investigation believes that he has stolen about 100 million rubles on building of the new insulator. But in this regard it is interesting that after arrest he was right there placed in the pre-trial detention center of FSB on Shpalernaya Street. Today the intrigue has twirled even more dashingly. Despite serious charges and that fact that the businessman had firm intentions to leave his homeland forever the St. Petersburg city court changed him a measure of restraint from detention to house arrest. Kudrin was allowed to go home. According to sources, interest of FSB in Kudrin's ability caused to enter various high offices in Moscow some irritation. After his solemn accession in a mansion in Yuccas a deal for security officers has a little cleared up. According to some information, the situation was resolved at the level of not called portfolios. And whether owners of these portfolios will become new defendants in the case − today depends only on good will of the same Kudrin. Actually, in this story the large businessman – only a ‘key’ to high patrons and a riddle of disappearance of billions on construction of the insulator.

Deputy deal

Case of deputy Vyacheslav Notyag who was arrested by FSB for a bribe in 1,2 million rubles for a patronage to construction works in a quarter of renovation of Ulyank is now in the home stretch. In April the former parliamentarian began to get acquainted with seven-volume criminal case. In spite of the fact that the deputy denies his fault, investigators are happy with results. In their opinion, proofs of fault of the people's deputy are more than are enough.


Vyacheslav Notyag

But it was the case of deputy Notyag that attracts in this story, but the published list of other parliamentarians who have got to a circle of fixed interest of law enforcement agencies. This list, as we know, consisted of 13 quite famous surnames. The subsequent squall of indignation of deputy corps and scandal in media have only struck a heat. After information occasion was exhausted, it seems that everyone forgot about this story. But they should not have to. According to some information, this list did not get anywhere. And now the Administration of FSB can reduce the number of people's deputies by the whole two surnames. Of whom exactly - secrecy of the investigation. Besides, according to insider information, security officers have enough compromising evidence on these two figures, but meanwhile there is no starting signal ‘from the above’. However, as they say, by fall the situation can change and then St. Petersburg will be shaken by new scandals.



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