“What a moron I am!”: Saratov investigator from MIA Main Investigations Directorate to be tried for bribery 

“What a moron I am!”: Saratov investigator from MIA Main Investigations Directorate to be tried for bribery
Aleksandr Arsentyev

FSB officers detained an employee of the MIA Main Investigations Directorate in the Saratov region Aleksandr Arsentyev red-handed when he was receiving a bribe.

The ICR Investigations Directorate in the Saratov region has completed the investigation against the investigator from MIA Main Investigations Directorate in the Saratov region. The criminal case against 34-year-old Aleksandr Arsentyev has been referred to court for consideration on the merits, the Investigative Committee reports.

According to the investigation, in the period from July 22 to August 16, investigator Arsentyev repeatedly met with a man accused in a criminal case under his control. During one of the meetings, Arsentyev demanded 300 thousand rubles ($5 thousand) from the suspect.

It is reported that he allegedly required part of the funds in the amount of 100 thousand rubles ($1.6 thousand) to partially terminate the criminal prosecution, although there were no grounds for this. Arsentyev promised to spend the remaining 200 thousand rubles ($3.3 thousand) to ensure that punishment of the person involved in the case did not entail deprivation of liberty.

August 29, FSB officers detained the investigator outside the Main Investigations Directorate building on 88 Chernyshevskogo Str. when receiving the bribe. 


The 100 thousand rubles were real, while the remaining 200 were replaced with fake money. The detention began when Arsentyev’s interlocutor took out the money and put it in the investigator's bag. The detainee realized what was happening right away and panicked. Apart from strong foul language, a phrase “What a moron I am!” could be heard on the video. After that, the detainee showed the operatives the entire contents of his bag, including money. It is reported that Arsentyev immediately pleaded guilty.


Since Arsentyev could not have actually influenced the court decision, he has been charged with Attempt at swindling (part 3 of Art. 30, part 3 of Art 159 of the Russian Criminal Code), Abuse of official powers (part 1 of Art. 285), and Bribe-taking (part 3 of Art. 290).

As the press service of the MIA Main Directorate explained to Chetvertaya Vlast, the investigator has yet to be fired from the law enforcement bodies. If the employee's guilt is proven in court, Arsentyev will be dismissed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and will be punished in accordance with applicable law. The investigator faces punishment up to 8 years’ imprisonment.

Video: Main Investigations Directorate investigator during detention: “What a moron I am!”



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