Weapon barons from National Guard and their protectors. Part 2 

Weapon barons from National Guard and their protectors. Part 2
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In the spring of 2016, Russia learned that global changes were taking place inside law enforcement agencies. The functions of the Federal Migration Service and the Federal Drug Control Service were transferred to the MIA system, and the structures abolished. The Ministry of Internal Affairs was deprived of special forces, several OMON special police department, and internal troops, which were reassigned to the National Guard of the Russian Federation.

The reasons for this remain vague. One thing is clear. This did not reduce corruption, but only increased it. New generals, colonels, and other chiefs appeared. All of them are greedy and know how to embezzle budget money. This is especially true of the licensing and permitting service for controlling the circulation of weapons. It was weapons along with government procurement that became the only way to illegally enrich the leadership of the new service.

This is applicable to the National Guard officers of the Kursk region, whom we already mentioned in our publication Weapon barons from National Guard some time ago. Back then, we thought we succeeded at exposing the illegal licensing business in the region. But new searches unearthed new facts, which gave an understanding that the problem is deep, neglected, and cannot be treated in the foreseeable future.


Nikolay Tokarev

As we previously reported, a certain Nikolay Dmitrievich Tokarev, pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and former head of the licensing and permitting police service, is quite active in the Kursk region. By a strange coincidence, several companies that are engaged in either security activities or security training, are all under his protection. The companies include Garantiya-Plus FVE PF, Obyedinenie Garantiya-Plus LLC, Kolchuga-Kursh LLC, Kontakt LLC, KROOSSK Vystrel, and Federatsiya Stendovoy Strelby KRFSOO.


What remained a secret was how exactly a modest retired officer managed to organize such a business and where he got the funds to promote and gain almost exclusive opportunities. Last time, these questions remained unanswered. Meanwhile, the answer lies in another person, a friend of Nikolay Tokarev, Andrey Dyumin. Dyumin is extremely non-public person, who prefers to keep his true position and capabilities secret. According to our sources, it was him who initiated the concentration of security resources in a narrow circle of influential people and establishment of a dominant position in the market.

An interesting part of Andrey Dyumin’s biography began in the late 90s - early 2000s, when he took an officer post in the Kursk OMON as an instructor in physical and combat training, eventually getting promoted to the rank of police captain. Being a good teacher, having excellent hand-to-hand fighting skills and tremendous physical strength, honed by many years of training, he had a serious authority among his colleagues. It all went smoothly if not for a quarrel with an employee of the personnel department of the special forces.

Being straightforward and confident, Andrey Dyumin got involved in a protracted conflict, without suspecting it was a real danger to him. According to our information, the danger was that the diploma of education provided by him was false. The said HR employee found this out by sending relevant requests to the institution that had allegedly issued the diploma. Dyumin tried to fight, enlisting the support of now arrested high-ranking official of the Organized Crime Control Department in the Kursk Region Nikolay Zaytsev (who is under investigation as a member of Dmitry Volobuev’s OCC). The riot police officer tried to “hush up” the unpleasant fact. But a strong quarrel, which turned into interpersonal hostility, played its role, and he was forced to resign from the Internal Affairs.

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Andrey Dyumin

After that, the dismissed officer took the chair of co-founder of the security and detective company Medved +. At the time, the security sector was really “wild.” A lot of people involved in security issues did not have any licenses at all. In restaurants, visitors were traditionally guarded by bouncers from various OCGs. Medved +, for one, was different. Dyumin still had the support of the Organized Crime Control Department and, accordingly, law enforcement resources. Moreover, another security official, Anatoly Zhuk, was his partner. Using the unlimited help of Zaytsev, their security agency quickly occupied key niches in the security sphere of the region, and, having a license for detective work (also according to our sources), they often carried out various delicate instructions of police officers, for which they earned the glory of another unit of the Organized Crime Control Department. In this case, the attempts of OCG members to put pressure on them were doomed to failure.

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It is not exactly known what happened next, but Dyumin's relationship with security forces became chilly and more businesslike. Having gained experience and the necessary knowledge, the director rejected direct patronage and switched to the relationship system, where he sought help and offered something in return. This applied to all who were somehow involved in the founding of the company or were required for its comfortable work. Including Nikolay Zaytsev, whose business relationship with Dyumin drastically changed and was put on hold.

However, Dyumin knew well that a break means parting. Instead of a dependent role, the head of the security organization decided to take the dominant position. He used appeasement, various gifts, services, assistance, and other proven methods to do this. Sometimes, he even gave bribes. In any case, it is difficult to explain how the former hand-to-hand instructor managed to build a business empire, where the private security company Medved + alone has received state orders worth 41 million 438 thousand rubles ($647,675) in recent years, its subsidiary Okhrannoe Predpriyatie Medved + LLC won tenders worth 7 million 727 thousand rubles ($120,773), and Korporatsiya Medved + LLC managed to take an order from the Kursk Social Insurance Fund worth 742 thousand rubles ($11,597) at zero profit in 2011.


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This is not counting subsidiaries and indirectly affiliated firms. There were not only government orders, but contracts with other companies. Including with the previously mentioned organizations of Nikolay Tokarev and Albert Rusanov, who used to hold high posts in the system of monitoring the circulation of civilian weapons and licensing security activities.


Albert Rusanov 

Andrey Dyumin attracted these people for a reason. He hoped that thanks to their connections and free access to high offices, he will be able to increase orders and revenue.  Actually, thanks to these and many other contacts, the owner of Medved + gained access to the leadership of the security forces, regularly updating and expanding his database of useful acquaintances.

The situation of his contractors also improved. For example, Nikolay Tokarev became the proud owner of a mansion, a nice apartment, a plot of land in the village of Klyukva, Kursk district, Kursk region, and a share in the premises of the training center Garantiya-Plus located at 169 Engels Street, Kursk.

Still, all this pales in comparison with the abundance of Dyumin's real estate (he has as much as two mansions in the elite village of Zubkov, Kursk region). Nevertheless, it is an impressive fortune.

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Nikolay Tokarev's mansion 


Andrey Dyumin's mansion 

All this and much more provides this team with a monopoly position in the market of security and educational services.

With the tacit agreement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian Guard, Dyumin’s team was able to neutralize a powerful state competitor, the Dinamo training center, in 2018. They had infiltrated their man under the guise of a student to the center, who recorded several serious violations. This led to the resignation of the center’s leadership and the disorganization of its work by subsequent inspections. In Russian realities, any other businessman would have been solemnly persecuted for this kind of “special operation.” Any other except Dyumin, Tokarev, Rusanov, etc.

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Dinamo training center

The guys have one more “satellite,” a certain Vladimir Alekseevich Churilov. He controls such PSCs as ChR-Bezopasnost, Churilov, and Orion. It was Churilov who took an order to protect several inter-district tax inspectorates in the Kursk region and the Kursk State University, intercepting it from the PSC Sapsan.

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According to our sources, Churilov owes all these achievements to Nikolay Tokarev and his son Alexander Tokarev, who works in the arms inspection office in Moscow. He moved there immediately after the family patron Major General Anatoly Malikov became general and got the position of Acting Head of the General Directorate of State Control and Licensing and the National Guard of the Russian Federation. For a long time, Tokarev Jr. lived in the general’s apartment, brightening up the elderly officer’s life. It is hard to say whether it is true, and whether these people are in a relationship. But the fact that they have long phone conversations is not a secret to informed persons.

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Nikolay Tokarev's son Alexander 

At the same time, as already mentioned, supervisory agencies pay no attention to the fact that Nikolay Tokarev has relatives at key posts in the National Guard. This can be explained by the comprehensive concept of “bakshish” given at the right time and to the right people. Receiving excellent recommendations from Moscow and requests not to pay attention to “respected businessmen,” the newly arrived department heads also dutifully follow them. An example of this is the new Colonel Konstantin Obushev, head of the Kursk National Guard office.

Moreover, after the release of our first article about the so-called “weapon barons,” an interesting story happened with Colonel Obushev. Konstantin Viktorovich was removed from command of the regional office and transferred to the disposal of the personnel service with the prospect of undergoing a very attentive medical commission. At the same time, he became deputy commander of the Kursk SOBR special police, while continuing to lead the service. His first deputy Sergey Solodukhin remains formal acting head. In turn, when going on vacation in November 2019, the latter prepared Konstantin Obushev, who was SOBR deputy commander, to be appointed as acting head. For the army or the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this situation is inconceivable.

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Head of Kursk National Guard Konstantin Obushev 

To illustrate the absurdity of the situation, imagine that in the armed forces, a division commander who goes on vacation appoints the chief of regimental intelligence of one of the division regiments to take his place.

Or here is another example. A police general is about to go on vacation and appoints head of the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate to replace him, instead of police chief or investigation head. Of course, both situations are unlikely, but every rule has an exception, as we can see. Especially when it comes to the National Guard. This once again confirms corruption risks and nepotism in the executive authority.



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